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  1. Nut Heads IV

    Glutton for punishment. And BTW- "Mind is playin tricks on me" is forever a classic.
  2. Nut Heads IV

    A few years ago I really considered the risk of TO worth the reward of TO. I don't know that I feel that way anymore. Eventhough I think the risk is now lower than before, I just don't see him as the dominate WR he used to be. Maybe I'm wrong.
  3. Nut Heads IV

    I am not bashing the skins. I'm just sayin that it will change blocking schemes. Say what you will about Taylor, I disagree. I think he still has some left in the tank. And if he was still there and playing hard, life would be much easier for Haynesworth.
  4. Nut Heads IV

    They just cut Jason Taylor, I wonder if this is going to have a difference in how things play out for Haynesworth.
  5. I can agree with that. I think it's always nice to read the board before starting topics, but at least he caught the mistake quickly.
  6. I've always been curious why there isn't a way to delete your own thread.
  7. Nut Heads IV

    Sad day for you Titan fans. Big Al is off to DC. You think he will play as well there now that he's been paid?
  8. M.H.M.O.

    I have been reading the boards off and on for a few years. I recognize some of the names you all have mentioned but not all. In fact there is one name in particular that was listed that I figured I would end up having a run in with at some point once I started posting. One thing I've learned from years on message boards, is that some people just argue to argue. They might not even believe in what they are saying, they are just doing it for the love of disagreement. In any case, great post/find C64.
  9. OJ Mayo is officialy CLUTCH!

    As long as he isn't shooting 3's from the corner.
  10. Mike Conley Jr. - Team Leader?

  11. Nut Heads IV

    No kidding. I needed a TD to win the half combined point total for our pool. I figured I had it with Zona, cringed at the pick, then yelled my tail off for Harrison to make it 100 yds. Unreal!
  12. Nut Heads IV

    They had been all over Ben for much of the 4th quarter. Didn't seem to get near him on that last drive. Coulda been tired? Or coulda choked. The Zona defense wasn't exactly the most consistent group this year. I really don't know how much of the blame I would put on the defense. I think part of the problem for the Cards is that they were way too conservative offensively in the 3rd. I figure the first half was filled with nerves, but the 3rd was just not good to watch.
  13. Nut Heads IV

    They did have quite a swing of momentum. I'm still not sure how Holmes gets that catch with 3 Cards right there by him. The Titans completely disappeared by the end of the season.
  14. Nut Heads IV

    What a superbowl tonight. I feel like the first half was littered with calls on the Cards, some good calls and some that were rather sketchy. UGH, another Steeler Championship.