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  1. The coach has to play with what team he has. I know you are just parroting my claim against the trade, which is fine, but the difference is we don't have to give up Marc Gasol to get Terry stotts. If that was the case my opinion would change. I don't want a player that scores 25 and gives up 30 a game for a guy that scores 18 and and saves about 6 a game on defense.
  2. Why? Portland hasn't done anything in the playoffs. Washington barely made it on and hasn't done anything. The primary problem with Portland is defense and lack of size, rim protection. The Grizzlies would be in the same boat. If the Grizzlies got the #1 pick and took Ayton it could make more sense, but I prefer to develop Dillon to play in that role honestly. Even as limited defensively as he is he'd still be better than cj. I just don't see it.
  3. If by some miracle Terry Stotts becomes available I'd bring him to memphis in a heartbeat.
  4. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Maybe in last year's darft you'd still take Fultz #1. The kid might not even be in the playoff rotation anymore. He hasn't shown any kind of talent that would prove he was worth that high of a pick, and reminds me of Anthony Bennett type reach. And trading our pick for the #10 pick AND Fultz isn't the same as Fultz being better than any of the top picks in this year's draft. The grizzlies would be fools to trade their pick for Fultz and anybody or any pick else.
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Donovan Mitchell is the next dwade, but he wasnt looked at like that before the draft. Fultz, Ball are not better prospects than young/ doncic, not even close. Both of those players are potential busts. This year's draft has it all and is super deep with star talent.
  6. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    This is going to be one of the best drafts in some years. There are multiple players with superstar potential in this draft. The top 4 or 5 guys would have all been the number #1 pick last year. Doncic, Ayton, Bagley, Young, Bamba and JJJ are all better than anybody in last year's draft. And only Ben Simmons and KAT, in the last 3 drafts. It is really rare to see this collection of talent. The Grizzlies got real lucky that they didn't have their suck year last year.
  7. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    The pelicans run, honestly I view it as a vote toward Rondo. I think Rondo has transformed that team. Not to mention that Lillard is a playoff choker and never has been on Conley's level postseason.
  8. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I think that much like Steve Nash, part of the key to doncic game is for people to fear his passing, like a player with the great first step. You don't need much hesitation on the defense for a player to get open.
  9. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Making buckets and shooting 3s are not synonymous. Although he still may be a better 3 point shooter than his current numbers show, he just makes buckets. LeBron for example is not a 3-point shooter, but he can score without it. Neither is Ben Simmons.
  10. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Doncic skill and his only skill is making baskets. His agility don't matter, his athletic ability doesn't matter. If if you are trying to view doncic as a athlete, that is your first mistake. There are plenty of players in the league with no athletic ability whatsoever, and they get along just fine. Ayton's problem is his motivation very similar to Boogie cousins. I'll keep saying this but doncic is an offensive savant.
  11. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    You are being dramatic. With your kind of gorilla logic, assuming Marc is gone, assuming none of our players are worth anything or won't develop, perpuating the myth that the Grizzlies players are more injured that other teams' players. Repeat as needed.
  12. Head Coach Thread

    I wish the Grizzlies would hire Lionel back. Lionel gets very little respect but the guy did everything here. Of course it didn't hurt that Lionel had Dave behind him. Dave and Lionel made of awesome duo to be honest.
  13. Ping pong time.

    How is he going to display that exactly? And taking a complete bust because we owe Boston a pick sounds rather stupid to me. Doncic is a ūüĆü. I get it. You was LeBron James. But when a LeBron comes out, they are good at everything. You don't turn into LeBron. That's basically why we took Stromile Swift. Josh Selby was a high school superstar. The Grizzlies better not take Porter.
  14. Ping pong time.

    To GTF and Back2grizz The thing y'all aren't seeing is that, while athletes are athletes, scoring isn't a natural extension of that. I understand that you can't overlook porter, but he gets WAY too much respect for doing absolutely nothing. Taking an absolute flyer on him is insane that high up. That is the kind of move you make when there isn't anybody good left on the board. Taking him above doncic would be insane. Lets get this straight: bagley is not a "scorer." He is a talent and he can do things on the court, but he is far from a doncic type of scorer. There is not another pure scorer in the draft that rivals doncic. Ayton is the closest.
  15. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    First switched to Linux out of necessity. I needed an os that ran Ruby well. So I decided to give Linux a try. Windows runs Ruby, but very poorly and their terminal is way underpowered. That, however, doesnt explain why I decided to go straight shell. That decision was as a result of becoming more and more facinated by the Linux command line. The things you can do with the command line, especially file manipulation and not having to fool around with floating windows, plus the idea that most of the software such as browsers and other things were never meant to actually work together, unlike command line tools. Honestly, the things you can do on a command line are so awesome that I decided to run my system without a gui. It sounds crazy, but I bet if you or anybody gave the command line a shot, you would see why somebody might do it. Of course I did add a Roku to my monitor for my steaming and YouTube so I have the best of both worlds.
  16. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I thought the spurs met the rockets in the second round that year, not trying to flat out lie. I am using a different computer setup. I just switched to a Linux distro (Arch Linux) without a GUI desktop. I am using the links browser. So, it is not as easy for me (since I am still learning commands like curl and grep) to pull that info like I did. Anyway, you seem hyper focused on regular season wins, and I still have no clue what a 20 win team that brought back 7 players has to do with anything, except that 1 of those players was david, and they added a little guy named tim duncan. So, my point remains, that team was no better than the grizzlies with or without David. Mike is pretty **** important to this team dispite what you may think.
  17. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    You guys love to say the grizzlies have no superstars, and I am not saying they did or do. In fact, in most of the series they played, they were out-talented by a large margin, and yet they took a team that should have beaten golden state to two game 7s (in one of those series the league bogusly suspended zach) and beat them once without westbrook of course. They beat a #1 seed, only the second time that has ever happened and one of the greatest franchises of all-time, beat the hall of famers chris paul and blake griffin twice, and they usually did it when they had key guys out of the lineup.
  18. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I'm saying that you are misremembering history if you think the spurs were any good WITHOUT David Robinson. The grizzlies were just as accomplished as that spurs team was. In fact the best spurs team with David never got as far as this grizzlies team got. I know people on this board want to misremember how good this grizzlies team was, but they were pretty **** good. Hell, even avery johnson said that David was scared to play against Hakeem and that the whole lockroom thought David was a punk.
  19. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I don't know how you figure the spurs were so good, when they lost david robinson that team fell apart, which is not unlike the grizzlies. Now getting a first ballot hall of famer in this draft is a tall order, but the grizzlies are in a similar position as the spurs were.
  20. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I'd rather be Philly than New Orleans and I'd rather have a point-forward that can score than a lob target. Your hatred for Marc Gasol won't make Bagley any better of a target or player, despite your fantasy. We don't draft players based on our emtional feelings to other players. The Grizzlies have 1 choice. How do they want to play, if it is pelicans style: Ayton. If it is Philly style or Houston style: Doncic and if wizards style or toronto: young. Houston despite what people think play more like Philly then they do like the Warriors, they have two great play makers. If the Grizzlies go for Trae Young they look a lot more like the Wizards than people think. Mike / Wall, Young/Beal, Marc/gortat.
  21. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    ****, wathcing philly play really makes me want Doncic that much more. They are one of the most creative teams in the league. Doncic can bring a playmaking ability that would pair so well with Mike and Marc, he's the best alpha scorer in the draft, he has size.
  22. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    You really have to look at every senario. I am not a big fan of ayton, but what would he do for the team that has marc on it? It has to be looked at. I'd almost rather have Ayton than Bagley. Ayton has a superstar build, and while he might not be Tim Duncan, he and Marc would be similar to David and Tim back in the day. It would be hard to pass on that size. Marc/Ayton and Mike plus Dillon and whoever else. I like anyton better than Bagley.
  23. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    That's what Wallace does to. I'm busting your balls here, but the fact is that second round picks every year have players that can even become Stars. These arent throwaway picks anymore. The number 31 pic for sure man that pick is very valuable.
  24. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    People always criticize Wallace for his penchant for McDonald's all Americans and high school Superstars, but y'all do the same thing. Here is an example. Basing a pick on a lineage to a superstar, the Greek freak.