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  1. GTF you still have to have folks who can fill it up. Though the Rockets are locking down on defense and slowing the game down...they still have James Harden and CP3. Both are prolific scorers. We seem to be able to find defenders but we cant get a real alpha dog scorer for anything.
  2. Or we'll take Porter and he is our next Chandler.
  3. Trading the pick

    Yea true that man.
  4. Yeah that Jeff Green trade was a mess
  5. Trading the pick

    This FO seems to have a trend of picking guys who look like basketball players more than guys who play basketball.
  6. Ah nice! Hell I don't know why I had it in my head that this was the last year of protection on that pick.
  7. We don't have our first next year right?
  8. But...but..but...C Wallace said he was happy at 4 that they had 4 guys they were targeting
  9. Yeah man I agree on this.
  10. Still though a big man with a back surgery as a teenager should be a huge warning sign. Perhaps he will recover...perhaps he will not. Is it worth a chance at the 4th?
  11. Honestly, I'm terrified of Porter's back.
  12. How Stupid Can A Franchise Be

    Duno why you are so tore up about it. Had we lost 2 more games then we'd still pick 4th because the curse.
  13. It's the Final Countdown!!!

    It is....difficult being a Grizzly fan during the draft.
  14. Draft's Mystery Man

    Billion dollar exploitation. Oh but wait...they get the opportunity to attend school to receive an education on scholarship. The NCAA is big business who has put together a scheme to not pay their content providers. Its disgusting that it is a business for everyone and every entity surrounding the whole thing except for the college athlete. They are amateur. How about if the players are amateur then so should the coaches, the AD's, and go right on down the line. If its not a business then don't make it a business.
  15. I'd rather have Zbo than these other slaw bigs.