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  1. JenkzMEMPHIS

    Lorenzen Wright

    What do you guys think about retiring #42. The Grizzlies are one of the few teams in the league without any numbers retired and while Ren may not have been your prototypical number retirement candidate, he is, in every sense, the original Memphis Grizzly. Just as Ren was the first to ever don the Memphis Grizzlies jersey, I think it would only be fitting if his number was the first to ever be retired in Memphis.
  2. JenkzMEMPHIS

    Lorenzen Wright

    Thanks. Watching Lester Hudson really was a thing of beauty. I love inspired basketball. Go for it
  3. JenkzMEMPHIS

    Lorenzen Wright

    RIP Ren. BTW, Lester Hudson dropped 74 tonight in his Bluff City Classic game. Dude was droppin trey balls all over the place. Dedicated his performance to Ren after the game. Brought tears to my eyes.
  4. JenkzMEMPHIS

    New and improved!

    Your reasons for the rule are just as justifiable as my reasons against the rule. Exhibit A: Where are all the "100 post rule" people at in that thread? Oh yeah, that's right, yippe has close to 800 posts. I didn't see any of you in that thread yellin at him because he posted something that had already been posted. It DOES discourage posting and runs away potential new members. If they can't post like everyone else, why join? There are plenty of other Grizzlies message boards our there that will let them create their own threads. Face it. These boards aren't exactly the most active message boards on the internet. Since I've been here I've seen maybe 3 to 4 different threads created in the main forum per day. If you can't handle 1 dupe post (that would get deleted or merged if you left it alone in the first place) every few days then you have some problems. Either your extremely sensitive or you've never been exposed to something I like to call the real world.
  5. JenkzMEMPHIS

    New and improved!

    I'm just not a fan of this so called "100 post rule". Theres more good than bad out there. I'm not yet at 100 posts but I like to think I bring meaningful conversation to the boards. Hypothetically speaking, let's just say the Grizzlies acquire Amare Stoudamire in a trade at some weird hour of the night. Well, I'm not at 100 posts yet, so I can't post the story here. I have to sit and wait until the morning time and wait until someone else posts it to add my thoughts. The rule would discourage posting in my opinion, which is not what you want on a message board. Unless it is possible to physically take away the new topic button for posters under 100 posts, I don't see how this would help anyways. Spammers are here for one reason, spamming. They are going to spam and get out. They don't care if there username is banned because there job they came to do is already accomplished. You also have some Grizzlies fans who just don't "get it", I guess. Those who just make "dumb" threads. Guys, if they do it now, there's a 99% chance that 99 posts later, nothing will have changed. I'm just saying. That's just my opinion. Keep it like it is. If you guys find it to be a problem, find a few people to volunteer as mods and let them merge/delete threads.