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  1. Wells

    My bold predictions thread

    I think Houston will miss Ariza much more than most pundits think they will. Melo is not going to replace Ariza, although he might replace Anderson. Paul coming off another hamstring injury is not good news for the Rockets either. His injury history is at least as bad as Mike's, although different problems.
  2. Wells

    Predict WIns for Next Season

    I'll defer until the scedule is released. Any predictions without that data is throwing darts blindfolded at numbers on a wall.
  3. Wells

    Parsons Out for Rest of '17-'18 Season

    The more I look at the player acquisitions made in 2016 and 2017, the more I'm convinced that it was the front office going out and getting the toys that the bright new shiny head coach wanted rather than the players that they would have normally gone after. I remember that it was Fiz that was there visiting Chandler the day free agency started, not Chris Wallace. I pretty sure there was a Twitter picture of the two that day as the deal broke. I was expecting Wallace to go after Nicholas Batum or Trevor Ariza, not Parsons. They would have meshed better with the existing lineup. Chandler was a nod to offense, not GnG attitude, which was more a Fiz style move.
  4. Wells

    New Flooring

    More than one, it looks like.
  5. Wells

    There goes your Gasol-Conley-Evans core

    It's relative. The Union store is older, meaning the smoker has more of a developed atmosphere. A little more nuanced flavor.
  6. Vegas doesn't make projections for a living based upon being correct. Vegas makes projections to get people to make bets, and changes the projections whenever the action gets too one-sided. Bets are based upon public perception, not upon a projected reality, which is why betting the over on the season wins by the Grizzlies had been a winner for eight seasons prior to last year.
  7. Wells

    There goes your Gasol-Conley-Evans core

    I'm still partial to Tops on Union across from Methodist Hospital.
  8. Wells

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    I wouldn't necessarily say that. But I will say all of the acquisitions besides Parsons made for Fizdale are now gone.
  9. He said in an interview in Vegas that its the training staff limiting his activity. He feels fine, but they are taking no chances with $154 million man.
  10. Wells

    Marc's interview with Spanish newspaper

    I don't think Marc wants out, he wants the team committed to trying to win every game. You notice I said trying, and that is the important word here. I think the Grizzlies could lose 80 games, and Marc would not want out as long as they were trying to win, but came up short. He is not someone who appreciates tanking, and a second season of doing so would probably make him consider other options. But the current moves by the FO suggest they are on the same page as Marc.
  11. Wells

    Grit N Grind Redux....Will It Work?

    With JJJ able to play the high post, Marc can shift back down low. Under Lionel, Marc and Zach would switch, depending upon who was being defended by the better post defender. Joerger was who planted Marc at the high post, and then Fizdale moved him out to shoot 3s.
  12. Any trade with Leonard will involve multiple players coming back. Spurs may need the roster spot for that.
  13. If the player is traded, his salary increases by 15%. It's a poison pill clause in the contract, as salaries have to roughly match in most trades under NBA rules unless the team receiving the player can absorb the extra salary into cap space. Otherwise, both teams have to increase their payroll.
  14. Wells

    Jaren Jackson Jr's Floor/Ceiling

    He was a guard just a few years ago. Much like David Robinson and Anthony Davis, he had a big growth spurt late in high school.
  15. Wells

    Blueprint for a NBA Championship

    Multi-year repeater tax. They've been over the luxury tax line for two or three years. That will triple or quadruple what you have to pay the league for going over the tax line.