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  1. Seriously Espn?

    Stop watching ESPN for highlights some time ago. I get all of my highlights from Youtube. Much more balanced without all the opinions and biased.
  2. The reason there are so many blowouts is because of the terrible NBA officiating and poor FT shooting. The way you negate good three point shooting is with and 1s or 3pt plays. Honestly when a team attacks the post the refs just don't reward players for getting fouled on post ups anymore and the refs are terrible when it comes to continuation calls. They officiate this way to try and make the game more exciting which it has to a degree, because everbody loves offense and three point shots.
  3. Is Wallace Old School?

    I don't know about all that other stuff but sigining Joe Johnson would definetely be a Chris Wallace move
  4. Ot: The Memphis Tigers Coaching Job

    Yep not many programs been to 2 Championship games 3 Final fours an elite 8 in the 70s 80s 90s and 2000s. That includes the BCS schools too.
  5. Ot: The Memphis Tigers Coaching Job

    He's graduating so this is no big deal.
  6. Ot: The Memphis Tigers Coaching Job

    Lawson is a lotterty pick. Somebody will get him on potential.
  7. I like...somebody needs to make a shirt. I'ts so crazy it just might work!!
  8. Pj Hariston

    You're laughing and I was too but I think this may get some serious attention this summer. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Memphis landed him.
  9. Clee To Bobcats

    Grizzlies trying to clear some CAP room and roster space so we can persue KD this summer.
  10. Memphis @ Charlotte 12/26/15

    I love the Grizzlies but the way this team is constructed I'm jut not feeling the team anymore. i mean they really have seem to have lost their way. We use to scrap, claw, out hustle and out work other teams. It just doesn't seem like the grit or sense of ergency is there anymore....ugggghh.
  11. We're So Smart....and Nashville's Not....

    It has to be all the fans left over from Vancouver
  12. Charlotte @ Memphis 12/11/15

    I guess Mario Chalmers has learned the playbook now....
  13. Done With Tony Allen

    We can't have a thread like this after every loss. We are gonna lose some games. For the most part the effort was there and the team looks better since the begining of the season.
  14. Team Hero V Rockets 11/20/2015

    + 18 in FTs "Flop Attempts" TH: Money Mike.
  15. Alt Unis Look 70's Fly.

    Would anyone be interested in seeing the Grizzlies play with the ABA "money" ball? I think it would be kinda neat.