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  1. Martin should learn from someone like Reggie Evans. Go hard on the boards, play great defense. Unfortunately, this year's he's been asked to do much more than that, but if his offensive weapons were limited to straight line drives, maybe even spot up 3 pointers (he would have to keep improving), and crashing the offensive boards, he would have a solid career.
  2. There are many people on this board that believe Gasol is a problem because he wants to win and gets on the young players too much. I know that is an oversimplified statement, but not by much.
  3. Brandan Wright Buyout

    I think he played 15 minutes with the Rockets
  4. Brandan Wright Buyout

    Not shockingly, Rockets to release Brandan Wright as he can't stay healthy.
  5. Memphis @ Charlotte 03/22/18

    Selden seems to be injury prone with a bad knee as well. I'm not sure he's worth a roster spot.
  6. Memphis @ Charlotte 03/22/18

    The Suns want to lose the next game by 62 points, just in case.
  7. Back to back games? Can't we just forfeit one?

    Looked like we sent that team for the middle quarters tonight
  8. Inverted Standings Watch

    Even if the Grizzlies have the worst record, it is still more likely they don't end up with a top 2 pick, then they they do. The worst record only guarantees top 4 certainty. The 2nd to worst is 88% certainty to be in top 4. Still a lot of movement possible.
  9. Inverted Standings Watch

    In that last week we will get some unusual outcomes. It's not just tanking teams that count, it's also these playoff teams that have clinched spots that are going to matter. Boston will be locked in at #2 (hopefully) when they play Chicago, Atlanta, and Brooklyn in 3 of final 4 games. Houston ends with Sacramento in last game of season. Hopefully Warriors still rest guys for the last two weeks as they have the Suns twice and the Kings. Unfortunately, Toronto only has the Magic among the tank teams during the last 2 weeks. It would really help the tanking if only the right teams would start to separate in their respective playoff races. For the record, most the teams the Grizzlies face down the stretch are battling for playing spots or seeds. It will really help if OKC and Minnesota still have something to play for in those last two games, or else those could be victories if they are resting their stars.
  10. Inverted Standings Watch

    If Grizzlies finish behind the Suns, they have 12% probability of picking 5th, meaning both Grizzlies and Suns miss out on top 3 pick.
  11. Briante's back

    He's been a few places since his last trip, but I think checking out several potential players on 10day contracts is a good plan.
  12. The 2018 Free Agents

    If it is spot minutes and mentorship from a former Grizzlies player that you want, Vince Carter is a better option. His body is probably in better shape and he can actually hit an outside shot. Neither is a lock down defender now. I would take a flyer on OJ Mayo before Tony, if limited to former Grizzlies.
  13. Inverted Standings Watch

    Suns officially eliminated from the playoffs. I feel as though tonight is our night for that designation. Also, important game tonight: Magic at Kings
  14. Inverted Standings Watch

    Robin Lopez inactive for tonight's game.
  15. Memphis @ Chicago 03/07/18

    Robin Lopez inactive tonight.