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  1. They were right with Thabeet.
  2. Actually Scariolo is probably the most NBA-like coach in Europe. And he's had his share of issues with Marc for not playing "the right way" He's going to do great.
  3. Draft 2018

    Yo también veo factible que caiga hasta la cuarta posición, aunque los rumores de estas fechas también son resultado de agentes intentando elevar a sus jugadores y equipos intentando que los jugadores que quieren sean más accesibles, o sea que ojo con dar por hecho que Sacramento y Atlanta van a pasar de él. La verdad es que yo tampoco estoy seguro de que Doncic vaya a ser una superestrella en la NBA. Sin duda tiene posibilidades, pero no sé hasta qué punto sus limitaciones físicas (que se pueden trabajar y mejorar) no le van a causar un estigma si en su primer año no es capaz de emparejarse con jugadores más rápidos y físicos. Si te pones en la cabeza de un GM cualquiera, las posibilidades a priori de que te despidan por seleccionar a Doncic son bastante más altas que cogiendo a cualquiera de los americanos con músculos hasta en los párpados. Dicho eso, si Doncic cae hasta el #4 no veo yo que haya nadie más claramente mejor que él. Michael Porter Jr. tiene la espalda rota, Jaren Jackson hace más faltas que Romay y Trae Young es más bajito que yo y pesa lo que un gato mojado.
  4. Trading the pick

    No, his team didn't make it to the ACB playoffs and wasn't playing in the Euroleague to begin with. So his season ended before the lottery.
  5. 2018 NBA Combine

    The article was edited. Now it says we did request an interview with Bamba but it was declined.

    So, is he now a diva? I'm not sure how this works.
  7. Trading the pick

    I can assure you that anyone that doesn't understand at this point that he can't go to the states for workouts because he is under contract and playing games with his team is just willfully ignorant.
  8. Trading the pick

    I didn't know MPJ was white and blond.
  9. I think the comparisons come from the fact that he's not an elite athlete and little else. The only other similarity I find is his ability to get calls, a lot of his points come from the foul line.
  10. Trading the pick

    That would be odd because I'd say Memphis is also the team most likely to go through a major rebuild once Mike/Marc/Parsons fall off the books in 1-2 years. Plus his US agent (same as Ayton, remember) said publicly that who picks him wouldn't be a factor for him to jump over. I suspect that if he had said that while saying otherwise to the teams someone would have called him out. Not saying it's impossible, but I think it's more likely that SAC and ATL simply prefer to draft a big.
  11. The First Active NBA Billionaire?

    Absolutely hilarious. "And come to think of it, Frye didn't last too much longer with the Cavs once that story got out."
  12. The 2018 Free Agents

    I'm hoping Parsons' third season with us is similar to VC's. At this point it's clear he hasn't lived to his contract, but any contribution will be appreciated. Especially if that makes it easier to unload his expiring contract later on.
  13. LOL, I'd kill for a plane ticket to Belgrade but I think this time I'll scout from my couch. I'm not really criticizing our scout (Davide Prati) who I'm sure is passing along lots of information about Euro prospects (and Americans playing in Europe). I'm just complaining about our FO's lack of investment in evaluating potential FIBA prospects from the moment Heisley fired the entire international scouting team. For a team that has had more than a few international players you'd think at least we'd send Hollinger or someone else to survey the European and Chinese leagues more frequently. I'll try to find out if we have anyone in the stands today. I suspect not because the FO either doesn't believe Doncic is going to fall to #4 or doesn't really have any interest in him. Which is a reasonable position, to be fair.
  14. Again, for those who don't want or know how to read. What Doncic said after the lottery was exactly the same thing he's been saying all season. Exactly. The. Same. A non committal one liner saying he's not made a decision yet and is focusing on the game at hand. But mysteriously, after the lottery this doesn't mean "Leave me alone, I'm under contract and have a game to play." It suddenly means "I don't want to go to Sacramento." But hey, don't take it from me. Take it from his agent. Or from Steve Kyler. I mean, seriously.
  15. Ricky Rubio could not pay his multi-million NBA out clause after falling to #5 in the draft without losing money (the clause was the outcome of extremely bad management by his parents, who acted as his agents). In fact once he dropped from #2 it was a foregone conclusion that he would have to wait at least two more years for the numbers to make sense, which pushed him even further down. This was well known before that draft. Doncic's situation is very different. He has a small NBA out clause and if he stays he risks to be pressured into signing an extension or losing minutes now that Llull is back and healthy, not to mention getting injured. He can of course choose to stay, but the risks far exceed the benefits. Plus the idea that he wouldn't want to go to Sacramento is pure speculation by clickbait writers that don't know the first thing about European basketball and have no access to Doncic's inner circle.