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  1. DA was a Grizz for the most exciting period of this franchise. From the leaving unsuccessful Pau Gasol to our WCF-Trip. He shall be remembered for things like this: I wish you the best in the mountains DA! May your health not betray you any more.
  2. You Pick #25

    my List (first Player available should be drafted): 1. Kendall Marshall 2. Jared Sullinger 3. Evan Fournier 4. Tony Wroten 5. John Jenkins
  3. Unofficial Offseason Moves/Needs Thread

    you do know, that DA hurt himself at game 6 vs SA? he played hell of a season for us - besides the okc-games...

    can't some people on this board just stop to be way too critical about 19 yr. old draft picks? conley and arthur are two very good examples, how young guys can develop into something useful with some time in the league (rudy also needed a year at least...). henry will be fine - just not today or tomorrow.

    you cant blame heasley on the timing: it has to start at some point, so please stop comparing this situation to the thabeet-situation. good thing is, we are learning from mistakes, we have made (last year). xavier should sign the contract and play like a rookie looking for a next (big) contract. he will earn the last 20% easy this way and can demand big on the next occasion. imagine jerry bluss and mich kupchak would do something like this with a rookie, noone would blame them. its just because we are the grizzlies - so we have to be desperate??? HELL NO! any young guy, who has the chance to play in the nba, shoul be thankful. and what for are the rules, that you can offer 80-100%, if its ignored all the time? X is a dman #12-pick, not a #1. 11 teams passed on him (and maybe even more would have as well), so who is he, to demand?