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  1. Father Pat is the only poster, besides Grinder 901 that has any credibility on this forum. Chip is ok , but his sucking up to the F.O. destroys his credibility.
  2. El Lobo

    James Johnson Lol

    As soon as the rest of the NBA teams figure out to exploit him, he will be back in the minors.
  3. El Lobo

    Grizzlies & Lakers - 12/17/2013

    Lakers will win by at least 10 points. Save yourself some more frustration and don't watch this game (unless you are a Laker fan). THE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU GUYS AND GIRLS IS THAT MY POSTING DAYS ARE OVER.
  4. El Lobo

    Talent Comparison

    And by having a top of the line Front Office............ not a bunch of geeks.
  5. El Lobo

    Just Tank Already

    Sounds more like a F.O. decision. Which is actually the same thing as a Joerger decision.
  6. Yeah the Grizz are really looking good. That Joerger is some kind of leader. We lost a total of 9 games at home last year. We've already lost 9 this year and it's Dec 17th. Probably will lose #10 tonight.
  7. El Lobo

    Just Tank Already

  8. El Lobo

    Just Tank Already

    Getting Calathes, Miller, and Koufas really improved us didn't it? You might want to get realistic as well as serious.
  9. El Lobo

    Talent Comparison

    Yeah, San Antonio. How did they win so many championships? Must have been a fluke, "stats guy". L0L at your dumb post.
  10. Beating Phoenix showed you Dave can coach and his system can work.
  11. El Lobo

    Levien To Be On Vernon Today 11:25

    As W.C. famously said: Being a politician is knowing whats going to happen tomorrow, next week, and next year, and then being able to explain why it didn't.
  12. El Lobo

    Levien To Be On Vernon Today 11:25

    His wallet. But then it is his wallet. And Pera's.
  13. El Lobo

    Just Tank Already

    In accordance with your last sentence; imo, both.
  14. So true. :lol:/> And so much like the majority of us. At least for those of us that are honest.