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  1. tall_black

    Samuel Jackson

    LOL!!!!!!!!! i was tempted to post the same thing! well done sir
  2. tall_black

    Kevin Love

    well maybe ****** off was a far to strong, it was more funny than anything..that supporters of a team that as we know had struggled and been the laughing stock of the league for several years then after one respectable year were ready to throw stones at another young, struggling team
  3. tall_black

    Kevin Love

    man i got pretty ****** off with some people talking **** about the wolves on here pre season, taking the high and mighty after we had one decent season in the last several years. i told them then and i'll tell you again now, they have just as good, if not better, players as we did prior to acquiring zbo. they are definitely on the right track and consider that they have played 3 straight really good games short handed without ridnour, flynn and webster. they also have a massive amount of cap space. i just thought it was really s****y of people to stick their nose up at a team like that when we were that team only a few short years ago. p.s kevin love is a freak
  4. tall_black

    Josh Smith

    didn't our contract offer make it that if he is traded his salary goes up? but yeah i'd love to have him here...if the FO don't plan on extending him, or flicking him off this season for some other asset then i would love it if we used zbo to get him....it was one of the biggest crimes of the millenium so far that josh smith wasn't an all star over al horford
  5. tall_black

    Stephen Curry is a can't miss?

    yep...media...long on speculation and lies...short on facts