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  1. It's the Final Countdown!!!

    hope we get that #2 pick! (trying not to jinx it)
  2. Marquis Teague come on down!!!

    You wouldn't. Dude plays a lot worse now, can't even dominate amateur asian players.
  3. Grizzlies Getting New Color Scheme Next Year

    looks like they're transitioning little by little to a black/white/grey color scheme
  4. Are people still on the Kobi bandwagon?

    to be fair we could've screwed Kyle Anderson's career if we got him
  5. Grizzlies on FBI/NCAA List

    that's exactly what we need, right? Someone who can sell the Grizz to players
  6. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    no, the usual get the #5 or #6 seed then push your luck in the 2nd round. I'd take that than the usual 20-win seasons. I had enough of that in the 00's.
  7. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    We started good, right? Things just didn't click this year, imo.
  8. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    I'm happy with just being competitive in the playoffs. WE ain't winning a ring in this lifetime. Let's be real.
  9. 2018 trade deadline thread

    if they mutually agreed that Tyreke would sign MLE money then I think we're fine. Barring injuries to Conley, of course.
  10. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    if Tyreke would be resigning for less money then boy I sure hope he does. We have to give them a chance to play even just 1 season in full strength.
  11. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Trae Young is a risky pick. Looks like someone who already peaked. Could be wrong though, who knows.
  12. 2018 trade deadline thread

    not even Cash Considerations? A losing year wouldn't be complete without him
  13. Now is the time to trade Marc Gasol

    Gasol ain't going anywhere. Good thing no ones holding rights to Adria Gasol. If ever some team had it, we probably would've traded Marc for the younger Gasol. LOL
  14. This pretty much sums up things. And they made the NBA Finals once in those 3-4 years, who wouldn't want that?
  15. Which just proves that for the international market, its more of the Stars than the teams. Fans get to root for a team, not because of the City, but because of their star players. Even though KD left, OKC still had Westbrook. And that guy can still draw in fans from around the world. Having a superstar potential player even for just 2-3 years would greatly boost this team's market value and influence. And another example would be Portland. Lillard even has a following here in Asia. Right now, no one cares for the Grizz outside TN. There's just a few crumbs of us out there.