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  1. The Grizzlies are a good rebounding team. Any idea to the contrary is lacked of understanding about rebounding. People look at average rebound per game and then they assume, this represents how good/bad a team is at rebounding. This is false. As rebounding depend on the opportunity to rebound. Which is not equal across teams. The grizzlies were top 10 on both defensive rebound rate, and least offensive rebounds rate by opponent.
  2. Silverllama

    Draft And Free Agency '17

    I posted his efficiency rating the regular season. He was worse during the playoffs. But I do have to agree with you, there. No one else could do,what Zbo did and not have the fans base all over Fizdale. Harrison was fairly close to Zbo in inefficiency from the bench mostly. But the coach was getting crucified for playing him, because he was ineficient. And you need someone taking the shots, might as well have the person that will get the least backlash, if your other options are just as inefficient. At the Vet minimum, Zbo makes sense.
  3. Silverllama

    Draft And Free Agency '17

    Zbo was at best the 6th best Grizzly if you care about efficiency during the regular season, and easily the worst in the playoffs. A negative 2.1 BPM, -1.4 OPM, and a 0 VORP. How bad he was, was masked by his incredibly high usage.
  4. Silverllama

    2017 NBA Manifesto

    I would be ok, with trading Gasol as long as the team knows what it is planning. If you are trading Gasol for the future, then Conley gets traded next year, and we have pile up 2019 draft picks. If you are trading away your second best player, and there is such a huge drop off to your third. Then you either get somehting comperable or you start the rebuilt. Advance stats says you are giving away 10 wins over replacement. A 4.0 Vorp. I would assume a bigger drop off. And 10th place finish in the West.
  5. Silverllama

    Memphis @ Minnesota 11/01/16

    A few people don't seem to understand the logic. Away games have higher likelihood to be a loss. The team just had a 1 day off after a back to back, before last night game. Now starting today Memphis will play 4 games in 7 days all at home. All home games are most win. So he wanted to have his starters at 100% before this home stand. It would have been worse to have come home with a close away lose and with a tired team to start a home stand. It was the statistically smart thing to do.
  6. Silverllama

    Roster Moves

    At their best I would say Conley is between the 15-25th spot and Gasol between 10-20. But last year was a bad year for both. Gasol is coming back from injury, so would drop him to top 40. I would honestly call last year a bad year for Conley, he seemed to take a step back. So would also at best call him top 40. And the other two supposedly core 4 players also keep on regressing, but I just don't expect bounce back years from them. But they can be very useful from the bench, or starting under certain matchups.
  7. Silverllama

    How Will The Team Address Shooting Guard/small Forward?

    I would add starting power forward to the list of positions the team needs to address to be competitive.
  8. Silverllama

    Roster Moves

    1. Conley 2. Stephenson 3. ... 4. Zbo 5. Gasol It is a playoff team. 7-8 seed, and a sweep or 1 win first round exit. For this team to be competitive, you have to fix, sg, sf, and pf. That is if the Grizz keep Conley. Zbo is not a starting PF for a western team that wants to do something in the playoffs.
  9. Silverllama

    Roster Moves

    This is setting them up to failed. Everyone asking for small ball and youth movement, definitely had Gasol as the anchor. Trying to say this is a prove of small ball, when the pieces that will be playing are the ones this group wants to move away from is disingenuous to say the least.
  10. Silverllama

    Here Is Marc Gasol In A Nutshell

    There are two issues here. He doesn't always posts, and when he does he does not always look to get deep positioning. When he does, his teammates fail at getting him the ball. To the point that he gives up positioning, and gets closer to the passer so they can get him the ball. Pay attention when he is in the game with the smaller lineup. That is when he will post up more. Having two post players with poor outside shooters is a disaster.
  11. I have no idea, why he is considered part of the core. If Bruce Bowen was not considered part of the Spurs court, i would never considered Tony Allen part of the core. Zbo and Conley may be closer to being done than closer to their peak. Age is not the only way you are done in the NBA, sometimes nagging injuries take you away from the player you could have been early.
  12. Silverllama

    Is This Team Toasted?

    Gasol has never been able to save the Grizzlies from teams abusing Zach on the pick and roll. The difference have been that the Spurs were the only team that heavily went at memphis this way. Now all the good teams do it. Also TA has been bad defensively. And he has been over gambling. Conley has also been terrible on defense. THe sad part is Gasol's best defensive games are his average offensive games.
  13. Silverllama

    Memphis @ Chicago 12/16/15

    He looks better with Gasol next to him.
  14. Silverllama

    Memphis @ Chicago 12/16/15

    Pau is playing away from the rim. So, it makes it hard for Marc to help.
  15. Silverllama

    Memphis @ Detroit 12/09/15

    Check the facts here