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  1. The Truth is OUT

    Paxton Lynch and Go Fund Me

    Saw that today. Man, that's rough. Hopefully he can land in another situation and do better.
  2. The Truth is OUT

    My bold predictions thread

    My bold prediction is that this is Marc Gasol's last season in a Grizzlies uniform. I'm not predicting how, or when, or who initiates it. Only that this will be his swan song in Memphis.
  3. The Truth is OUT

    Predict WIns for Next Season

    This is a very hard season to get a read on, because there are a few bread crumbs of optimism, balanced with a ton of unknowns. The 3 biggest x-factors, for me are: How healthy can Mike and Marc stay? At the beginning of last season, it looked like we were going to put the hammer down, and then Mike went down and POOF! Everything and I mean everything ended. So yes, Mike is a key, but he's not the key - Marc going down would be just about as devastating (although slightly less). Losing both, and you get what we got last year. It will be amazing if we go through this season without stretches of losing them. We can only hope they will be small stretches. What will Jtrip's rookie campaign look like? This is on him, on our coaching staff, and on how harsh the referees come down on him for being a rookie. Deficiencies in any of those 3 areas will have a negative impact. And we need him to have a solid rookie year. Honestly, he needs to be as close to the ROY conversation as possible - we need to feel his contribution positively., Not just a "he's not hurting us". How close to GnG can we return this season? We've added some intriguing parts that will help us play a more defensive style, but something I've continued to harp on over the years that I don't think everyone is willing to embrace is that without Tony Allen's transcendent defense, we can't be great, only very good. There were games he literally flipped from losers to winners single-handedly with his effort. Many times because he was the only guy on the floor giving a darn. Who is that player on this team? Answer: we don't have him. So everyone has to be locked in on defense, everyone has to have the I.Q. to pull it off as a unit. Can we be that right out of the gate with so many new faces and a newly-minted "official" head coach? History says this will take time. And if you're saying, "well, J.B. has been here for almost a year now", yeah, but under very different circumstances. Now he's expected to carry this franchise's burden of "we're getting back in the playoffs". Those are a lot of ifs that have to fall just right, and history says not to expect that. Still the biggest one is Mike and Marc staying healthy, so I will only predict based on that - if they remain relatively healthy throughout the year, I see this team getting around .500, maybe 1-2 games over it - in other words, around the same record they achieved in their last non-playoff year as GnG was taking hold. And we'll just have to see if that's enough to get them the 8 seed. Because, right now, that's the key. If we find out we "won" our draft by getting Jtrip, and keep next year's 1st rounder and pick "right" again, then all of a sudden we have hope for the future while Mike and Marc hobble into the sunset. And signs I'll be looking to for hope in the future: 1. J.B. shows he can coach up great defense. 2. Jtrip shows he has a bright future, Dillon shows he is going to continue to grow, and SloMo becomes our "do-it-all" everyman. 3. We make the playoffs, not because that means "we're back", but that it allows us to keep that draft pick we so desperately need to get another high-caliber player with.
  4. The Truth is OUT

    Conley looks healed least for this video

    Next up, Chip will be writing the 2018 edition of "How to Win Friends and Influence People".
  5. If Chandler Parsons in the lineup is necessary to "play to win", then our season is already toast. It's no fun being sensible in July....
  6. Seems to me that if we can find 8-10 ppg somewhere else on this bench, that's an agreeable trade off. Marc Gasol Mike Conley Jtrip Dillon Brooks Kyle Anderson JAM These 6 guys are guaranteed to play quality minutes this season. That leaves, 2 more spots for decent minutes, and then maybe the 9th guy averages less than 10 minutes a game. In other words, inconsequential. Of those 2 spots, likely PT candidates include (along with CP) Andrew Harrison, Ivan Rabb, Wayne Selden, Garret Temple, Jevon Carter. And I'm still probably leaving off 1 or 2 guys that at least intrigue some of you. Unless CP is blistering it in camp, back to his old self, why give him any minutes at all? He is absolutely not in our plans past this contract, and people would be dancing in the streets if we could get his contract off our books at low cost. So I will put it back to you: what value is there in giving him any minutes at all? What makes his 8-10ppg so much more special than anyone else on our bench? Not to mention, when you look at this past offseason, and Chandler Parsons is so NOT a GnG guy, what's the point of playing him?.
  7. The Truth is OUT

    Jarrell Martin to Orlando

    Sounds like a great plan to me. I hope Jtrip get's 30+ mins a night. And Jam has also played the 5 on occasion. So there's that.
  8. Honestly, I'd DNP - coach's decision that guy all season. Whatever he was going to do here, he's done it. Hate that his body broke down on him, but he's got fat stacks to wipe his tears with, so I'm not feeling too bad for him.
  9. The Truth is OUT

    jarell martin appreciation thread

    Hate it didn't work out for Martin here, hopefully he will catch on somewhere and have a long illustrious career.
  10. The Truth is OUT

    Jarrell Martin to Orlando

    Why is everybody wanting a backup C so bad? If Gasol gets hurt, there's nobody we can get behind him that will make up for the loss. When Jtrip and Gasol are not on the floor together, Jtrip will be Gasol's backup. JAM will get a lot of burn, and we have enough multi-spot players on the roster now to pick up any leftover minutes.
  11. The Truth is OUT

    Jarrell Martin to Orlando

    I am not one to get too excited about end-of-bench type trades, but Tyler Martin is going to be a 3-ball specialist in this league before it's over with. If he's gonna turn the corner, might as well do it here. With a few exceptions, benches tend to be completely recycled in the NBA every couple of seasons. Jtrip's entrance meant Martin's exit. For those hoping we would have moved Jam instead, sorry, but this was the right move. With every next move the F.O. makes this offseason, it makes me think they are at least putting some thought into what they are trying to do. We aren't going to be world beaters, but this team is going to have a chance to be decent. Let's make the playoffs, keep that pick, maybe get lucky and move Parsons' expiring next year, and this ship can start getting righted.
  12. The Truth is OUT

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    LOL - I rest my case.
  13. The Truth is OUT

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    When you have your patsy, the next move is to eliminate all the witnesses... Chris Wallace may be making the calls, but it appears JB, like Fiz before him (etc, etc), is getting what he wants for what we have to finagle with. Honestly, have we had a coach here that doesn't appear to be making all their own personnel decisions?
  14. The Truth is OUT

    Was Firing Coach Fizsdale the Answer?

    Just watched this again the other day. Nice reference.
  15. The Truth is OUT

    OKC Needs a Trade Partner

    I can't imagine a team looking to make someone else take the hit on an expiring contract would want to take on a useless player on an even longer deal. That's the opposite of relief.