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  1. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    If we were to trade down - given how a #4 pick is an easy "hope" sell - that would be the most ballsy thing Chris Wallace has ever done. I wouldn't like it. But it would take guts.
  2. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    I doubt it. We aren't savvy enough to turn it into a big win for us. And it's a lot easier to sell the hope of a high draft pick to a fan base than a known quantity...unless someone's willing to part with a legit star for that pick...which they won't. Chicago beat writers have low opinions of the Grizzlies anyway, so it doesn't surprise me they'd pick us to feel hopeless here. A little further down in that same article, it talks about Bamba really showing something in workouts. Who knows, maybe by draft night I will be convinced...but it also says he may be moving up into the top 3, so it may be moot. I really think Bagley's gonna be our guy, one way or the other...
  3. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Multiple sources bring up the motor questions. don't tell me I'm making stuff up.
  4. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    His crime is that he is a Thabeet clone. If you're going to play this kind of game, you'd better have the muscle and the heart to truly impact the game defensively. I don't mean these high volume blocks in college where you will get them just for being freakishly long and tall, where you can get blocks from the weak side that you don't have to shed somebody bodying you up to do it. I can only think of two post players who were poor offensively but great defensively that were good enough to impact this league in the last 25 years, and that's Mutumbo and Ben Wallace - and Wallace just happened to find a home. Other than those Piston years, he was an NBA nomad. For that matter, Mutumbo played for a ton of teams too, despite his defensive dominance. If someone can convince me that Bamba will play the game like either of these two guys, instead of the countless tall, skinny, can't hit the broad side of a barn players who have bounced out of this league with nothing to show for it, then I will take back what I said. But even then, I still wouldn't want us to draft him. We have drafted too many offensive liabilities.
  5. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Poor offense. Motor questions. Everyone expects him to make his name on defense because of his size and wingspan, but if he doesn't know what he's doing and doesn't have the heart to learn it, what good is he? And the assumption is the rest will come, but you "have" to take him due to his upside. No, you don't. That was Thabeeet. I haven't heard that Soccer is Bamba's favorite sport and he's playing basketball only because people told him he'd get paid doing it, but other than that, it's the same story.
  6. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Understood. I am going by the draft boards I've been seeing and remaining hopeful, but I think by draft night, if we get him he will be seen as falling to us. I don't always get the stars right, but I am pretty good about calling the busts, so I am on the "anyone but Porter" train right now. It's kind of amazing to me because this is deja vu all over again - there were a number of people on the boards back in the day who were enthusiastic(!) about drafting Thabeet, and I was saying "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" in every post. Like, trying to be the loudest voice in the room that he was bad news. I kind of feel that way about Porter - I see we have no business drafting him, but then people are like "hey, he's a good option". He's not. He's not. He's not. Now, honestly, I don't think he has quite the bust potential that Thabeet had. If that title belongs to anyone in this draft, it's Mo Bamba. Mo actually reminds me a lot of Thabeet. I will actually agree that Porter could have a decent NBA career. But I think it's way more of a long shot due to the type of injury he had. Let somebody else take that chance. Because sure enough, if we roll that set of dice, we'll come up snake eyes. It's just what we do.
  7. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    We definitely need a home run here, and I wish Porter all the best, but we cannot take on that risk, I don't care what his ceiling is. If you folks want to gamble, go to the casino. There will be plenty of star material picks at that spot. I reiterate that I think Bagley is a great fit and that's who I am hoping for. He could be Joakim Noah with even better athleticism. He should be a difference maker very quickly, and will pair well with Gasol as he comes to his final years. Folks who think Porter is an easy choice must be secretly sporting a death wish for this franchise. Or are more enamoured with what could happen over what is most likely to happen. Back injuries, spinal injuries in particular, never heal 100% and are usually degenerative for athletes. Bagley (or others) give us a chance to stay a playoff team for a few more years while we try to create what we will be after Gasol/Conley. If we take Porter and he whiffs, we will be in the cellar for years to come. If we take ANYONE that whiffs, same story. But drafting Porter is just asking for it.
  8. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    If we are 4th, I'm all in on Bagley and hope somebody doesn't get cute ahead of us. But I could also see him moving ahead of the guys projected at 2nd or 3rd. That's who we should draft. But my prediction is that Wallace will draft Michael Porter, Jr, because that's a Chris Wallace special with fries. Extremely highly recruited out of high school, with some health concerns. That always seems to get CW salivating, for some reason. And if he does, it will be a mistake almost as big as Thabeet, and dare I say, even more costly this time. That's my "best of times, worst of times" prediction.
  9. It's the Final Countdown!!!

    I think we'll be picking 3rd. Moving along...
  10. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Bagley is a pick I could be excited about, but history says that Duke players are less likely to become stars, and we really need a breakout player with this pick, somebody who after a few years could be a top 3 guy on a lot of teams. But he does exhibit a passion for the game. Raw talent potential seems to overshadow motors in the evaluation process in the NBA. Where I see motors as fueling potential.
  11. Erin Popovich Dies

    Erin Popovich, wife of Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, dies at 67 Man, people die, famous people die, we all die. Normally, I don't get choked up at "celebrity" deaths, but I just find myself feeling quite sad at the thought of Gregg Popovich losing his spouse. The breadth of support he is getting doesn't change the grief one iota, I'm sure, and he'll never know this was put here. But I felt it right to post it all the same.
  12. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    All this trade down talk is just game playing. Depth comes later and is a dime a dozen. We need a star. We ain't getting one at #15. Heck, history says we have trouble getting them at #2.
  13. Dillon Brooks named to Rising Star Challenge

    The kind of rookie season Brooks just had, with his ethic, I fully expect him to make great strides next year, and then look out year 3. If we draft well this offseason, we just might have our future 1-2 punch in pocket, and then a smart GM can start to build what we need around that. Marc will be 36 by then and Conley will be 33. Because I'm assuming if we can get back to being somewhat competitive, Marc and Mike will still be on the team at that point, but just about ready to hang it up. Our near future can be brighter than this past offseason suggests. But the cookie has to crumble just right.
  14. Pera to retain Grizz ownership

    Glad that this is behind us. The devil we know is far preferable at this stage. I'm just glad he settled this before the off-season. I am still holding out a ray of hope that this season can be a blip on the way to being competitive again in a hurry, but part of the formula to do that is this pick has to be a home run.
  15. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    We're gonna wind up drafting the kid from Texas because he's Thabeet 2.0. He's also the only kid I've seen projected top 5 that would tick me off for drafting him, so there's that too. Bamba = Bomb-a I guarantee he'll come out in the first post-lottery mock draft as our guy with some quote like "Memphis has been eyeing this kid all along." Seriously. Anybody but this guy. Please.