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  1. Like many forums this week, we were victims of a spam attack which caused our hosting provider to shut us down until we were able to address the issue. We're finally back up and we apologize for any inconvenience. This was a new type of attack and we're still trying to figure it all out. If you received any email or Private Message (PM) that was spam, please accept our apologies. For now, PM functionality has been disabled, and new registrations will have to be confirmed and approved before they can participate. We'll try to keep the approval process short, but it will no longer be instant and automated. Again, this only affects new member registrations. In the coming days and weeks, we may be making some changes that will provide even more security. More on that as it comes. Go Grizzlies! Die spammers!
  2. We apologize for the recent spam attacks on the boards. Thanks to all those who have reported them and to the moderators for quickly removing them. Hopefully we can keep them down to a minimum. I'm looking into new and improved spam filters, which will of course be only temporary until the demon spawn comes up with new ways around them. In the meantime, please be patient and use the "Report" button on any comment that you feel is spam (or offensive). We'll try to act on it as soon as possible.
  3. New and improved!

    Our apologies for the offensive post that appeared here this morning. Thanks to those who reported it.
  4. New and improved!

    Good point. I've set the permission to allow topic-starters to edit the topic.
  5. New and improved!

    If I'm understanding correctly, this is actually correct. Once you create a topic and start a discussion, you can't go back and change the topic. It's like if you serve a delicious plate of spaghetti, you can't take it back and change it to ravioli after people have started eating.
  6. New and improved!

    Andy, send me a PM so we can straighten this out. Thanks. JorgeP
  7. New and improved!

    PMI, are you using IE6? The only browser it doesn't show up on (per my testing), is IE6. I've got it showing up on Firefox, IE7, and Safari. I've been alerted to the IE6 problem, and it's on my list of stuff, but I haven't gotten to it yet.
  8. Signatures

    Images in signatures, some of us like 'em, some of us don't. We've gotten to the point on the boards where we need to address the issue because some members' images are large enough to be a distraction (including breaking the page layout). We're going to continue to allow images for now, but need to put in a couple of ground rules: 1. No offensive images You're saying "obviously", right? Unfortunately it always needs to be said, because not all of us get it. 2. Size Please limit your images to these maximums: 500 pixels wide 72 pixels tall 30kb filesize 3. No Animations Post it in the comment if it's relevant to the topic, but not in the signature please. If you don't understand why they're annoying, here's one website, and another one, to illustrate the point. Let's not be those people. There are a couple of great (free!) online tools to help you edit/crop/resize your images. One is picnik, the other is Fotoflexer. If your image goes over the max limits, please use a different one or remove it. Or we'll remove it for you, send you a warning, yada yada. Thanks.
  9. New rankings

    Rankings are back but with a twist. Some of you will still be Rookies and others will still be Hall of Famers, but the rest in between have changed. We're rolling out some cool Season Ticket Holder stuff this year if you haven't heard and don't want any label conflicts or confusion. Ranking levels with post milestones: Rookie... Starter: 200 posts 2nd Team: 700 posts 1st Team: 2000 posts Champion: 3000 posts Hall of Famer: 4000+ posts (Previous rankings were: Rookie, Sophomore, Veteran, All-Star, MVP, Hall of Famer)
  10. Signing in issues

    Guest posting has now been turned off. We left it on for a few days while registration problems were worked out, but we have to comply with COPPA regulations and make sure this continues to be a fan- and family-friendly forum. Some members couldn't log in at first and chose to continue as guests. If you're one of them, please send me a private message or email with your username and email address. If your email address matches the one on your account, we'll send you a temporary password which should make it all better. Thanks.
  11. New and improved!

    OK, this is fixed. It was intended to prevent unnecessary results when you use "if", "and", etc. The default setting was to prevent that. About the advanced search, I'll look into it. But the indexing is pretty good, so the simple search field -- ala Google -- should find what you want (now that the short words are allowed).
  12. New and improved!

    Can you be more specific about why it isn't as good? Are you talking about all the settings the Advanced Search feature used to have?
  13. New and improved!

    Each person can set their time zone. Yours might be off. In your Control Panel, on the left column find Options/Board Settings. Let me know if that does it.
  14. New and improved!

    OK, I added a link ("Jump to") at the top right of the screen. I need to test in IE6 but you should all see it. That link takes you to our main homepage, whereas clicking on the bearhead logo and title graphic on the left, takes you to the boards index. We'll probably add more links to that top strip to make it easier for you guys to find your way around.