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  1. Habanero

    SHOCKING! Vince signs with Sacramento

    Old and slow, huh? For 8 million I guess he's also an assistant coach, trainer, equipment manager, chaplain and style coach.
  2. Habanero

    Draft And Free Agency '17

    2 yeas @ 10.7 is nice.
  3. Habanero

    Roster Moves

    Davis is signed. Memphis' Deyonta Davis signing $4M rookie deal, richest guarantee for American-born 2nd-rounder. @ShamsCharania
  4. Habanero

    Roster Moves

    Pretty happy with the FO.
  5. Overreacting gets you nowhere.
  6. We may not win a chip, but if we can win a lot of games and NOT give those who own our first round picks for the next 2 years "lottery talent" ....I can live with that.
  7. There isn't a single team in the league prepared to deal with this.
  8. I guess you would rather the owners keep all of the money from the new TV deal. Lockouts will happen from time to time no matter what. The tickets were going up no matter what. Lockouts tend to happen when one side feels taken advantage of. Everyone is reaping the TNT/ESPN windfall.
  9. Habanero

    Roster Moves

    Thank God, Gordon signed with Houston. we need shooting but we have enough questionable ligaments on this team.
  10. Habanero

    I Am Really Confused Right Now

    Dare I say it? ...let Chris Wallace cook.
  11. Habanero

    Grizz Currently Meeting With Parsons

    Sure .. as long he doesn't retire 3 games in. lol. People looking to be negative will still knock him because of his injury history and it was a 2 team race. Negative people don't need logic, just opportunity.
  12. Habanero

    Mike Conley Recruiting Video From Grizz

    This particular echo chamber seems to think most NBA players aren't worth the trouble.
  13. Habanero

    Roster Moves

    Apparently, we are interested in Bazemore. https://twitter.com/RealGM/status/748339246373625856