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  1. I'd still like to deal with Boston if possible. Good amount of talent there to not come away with something and/or maybe our pick back. Marc seems like a good fit there to me and could help against Embiid for a few seasons at least.
  2. Pete Pranica calling Playoff Game

    It'd be cool if he delivered those FedEx packages to Grizz fans during these games.
  3. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Maybe too many of those boat parties?
  4. Pera to retain Grizz ownership

    Why fire Wallace? He was tanking long before it became cool. Don't let the man's hard work go to waste now.
  5. Got it! ­čĹŹ­čĆ╝
  6. Not at all. I haven't kept up with Simmons, but if he's being called a superstar then he's on the same level as James, Harden, or whoever? Just asking...
  7. If Simmons is a superstar, what is Harden or Lebron considered to be?
  8. Memphis @ Oklahoma 04/11/18

    Thanks for all your hard work this season NSC! Much appreciated!
  9. 2019 NBA DRAFT

    That and no hipsters and we should be good.
  10. 2019 NBA DRAFT

    And health
  11. Portland @ Memphis 03/28/18

    Be mad at the Blazers for not beating these guys. Congrats to the Grizz.
  12. Portland @ Memphis 03/28/18

    Yeah, may be dumb but it's fun. Marshon quickly becoming public enemy #1.­čśä
  13. Memphis @ Minnesota 03/26/18

    Blame Minnesota for not taking care of business. The players and coach are playing to win.
  14. Get real about our scrub roster

    This is Harrison's 2nd year with us playing meaningful minutes if I'm not mistaken. Maybe the patience with him is starting to pay off. Brooks came in on day one as a contributor. I can't say which way any of the other guys will go. Some players catch on quick, while others later if at all. I'm just saying that anyone preaching we need to develop players, it comes with patience. What is the ratio of player development for teams? 1 out of every 5, 10, or more? Our problem is that most of our squad is now in development. We have a group of players that should be playing/learning with vets.
  15. Get real about our scrub roster

    We may currently have a scrub roster, but do we also need to let development develop? If not, let's scoop up some players who've been developed and discarded by other teams. At least shave some development years off our time.