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  1. El Guapo

    Eight Assistant Coaches

    They're gonna do the old lock 'em in a closet test
  2. Pretend Curry never existed, then ask yourself would you still view Young the same way.
  3. I can see comeback season this year and contract year next. Solid bench contributer this season to 6th man bordering on starting in last year.
  4. El Guapo

    NEW: Mother of All Big Boards

    Thank you! I wouldn't be surprised if the people who rag on DD are the same ones who criticized us for giving up on Whiteside.
  5. Where the commentary
  6. El Guapo

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Good point. Curry is unique enough to where comparing players to him could be detrimental. Piggy backing on your point, why not compare him to Fredette, or is that not a good comp? Full disclosure: I've never watched Young play other than highlights...just seems like a dangerous pick to me
  7. I'd still like to deal with Boston if possible. Good amount of talent there to not come away with something and/or maybe our pick back. Marc seems like a good fit there to me and could help against Embiid for a few seasons at least.
  8. El Guapo

    Pete Pranica calling Playoff Game

    It'd be cool if he delivered those FedEx packages to Grizz fans during these games.
  9. El Guapo

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Maybe too many of those boat parties?
  10. El Guapo

    Pera to retain Grizz ownership

    Why fire Wallace? He was tanking long before it became cool. Don't let the man's hard work go to waste now.
  11. Got it! 👍🏼
  12. Not at all. I haven't kept up with Simmons, but if he's being called a superstar then he's on the same level as James, Harden, or whoever? Just asking...
  13. If Simmons is a superstar, what is Harden or Lebron considered to be?