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  1. Sportssouth Dish Channels/scheduling

    Fox Sports South and SportSouth are two different networks. The Grizzlies games are broadcasted on SportSouth. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fox_Sports_South en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SportSouth (I am unable to make clickable links.)
  2. Sportssouth Dish Channels/scheduling

    All the games are scheduled to be on SportSouth, except for the ESPN game vs. OKC. The website below tells the game time and tv info. www.nba.com/grizzlies/schedule
  3. 2014-2015 Season Schedule

    The 8 NBA TV games will be on SportSouth too, right? NBA TV is the one and only sports channel relevant to my interests that Charter still doesn't carry. And I'm curious as to what the deal is about that. It has the frigging Big Ten channel in Tennessee, though.
  4. Sportsouth, Grizzlies Announce 2013-14 Tv Schedule

    What is up with the NBATV games not being televised by SportSouth? Comcast and Time Warner has NBATV, but Charter does not. I count five games not being televised at all, plus 7 NBATV games that won't be on SportSouth. That's 12 games I'll miss. As I have no control over what channels my cable co. carries, missing those 7 is not ******* fair.
  5. Vernon: Grizz To Have Training Camp In Nashville

    The Oilers wasn't Memphis's team to lose. It was bound for Nashville in 1999 even if it had played the two seasons(1997 and '98) in the Liberty Bowl as intended and sold out every game.
  6. Tn "jock Tax"

    Tennessee isn't the only state that specifically taxes pro athletes income, but it's the only one presently getting criticized for it.
  7. New and improved!

    I think the site administators have said before there's not going to be a 100 post rule. Another site I post at has a 25 post limit for starting new threads in the off-topic forum, because it kept getting filled with random spam. But the other forums are unlimited. The post limit cut out all the random spam in that forum. The new posters accumulate 25 posts rather quickly in the on-topic forums.
  8. New rankings

    Why is there such a big difference in the number of posts to go from 2nd Team to 1st Team? From 1st Team to Hall of Famer is only 2,000 posts.
  9. New and improved!

    Yeah, I was hitting the reply button attached to the post. I get how to do it now.
  10. New and improved!

    I don't seem to be able do it because if I could my "How? I can only quote what you posted." would be quoted here too.
  11. New and improved!

    How? I can just quote what you posted.
  12. New and improved!

    Still no delete. Also, you can't quote more than one response at time like on the old board.
  13. New and improved!

    Until someone inevitably does something which gets them taken away.
  14. New and improved!

    I had to make two password requests. It worked on the second one. Something seems to be messed up. The board looks good visually, but the useability kinda sucks.
  15. New and improved!

    Why is there no button to delete posts? There's edit, quote, and reply but no delete. I don't like that.