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    Memphis New Orleans

    Memphis trades Zach Randolph, Courtney Lee, Vince Carter New Orleans trades Ryan Anderson, Tyreke Evans
  2. Makes perfect sense for both teams, the hornets have been attempting to trade Stephen and are now willing to accept a package that doesn't include a pick. In Memphis Stephenson will be surrounded by vets similar to his situation in Indiana. Here he would be a super punch off of the bench that wfor us would be an offensive upgrade that is still able to defend perimeter players.
  3. Memphis sends Tayshaun prince to phoenix in exchange for Michael Beasley and a second round pick. Not saying Beasley will start here but this trade gives us a 6 9-6 10 player with range who can play both forward spots. The trade not only saves us money but if Beasley doesn't work out he has an option on the final year of his contract. Beasley has fallen out of favor and rotation in phoenix with Tayshaun prince they get a clear starter for the upcoming season.