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  1. It's the Final Countdown!!!

  2. 2018 trade deadline thread

    If we really turned down Emmanuel Mudiay and a second round pick, then the entire front office should be publicly tarred and feathered. I am stunned that Tyreke is still on this team.
  3. 2018 trade deadline thread

    I could not agree more. Well said.
  4. 2018 trade deadline thread

    It is beyond idiotic that we aren't even entertaining trade offers for Marc given the course this season has taken.
  5. Orlando @ Memphis 11/01/07

    The fact that Andrew Harrison is not only getting significant minutes for a professional basketball team, but STARTING for one at a position that requires a skill set he does not have, is beyond maddening. How the hell are you gonna have a "shooting guard" who is one of the worst shooters in the league??! I sincerely hope that whenever McLemore and Selden return, Andrew Harrison is relegated to 15th man status.
  6. Memphis @ Dallas 10/25/17

    I knew we'd lose this game... classic trap game... and the Grizzlies seem to always fall for the trap games.
  7. Orlando Magic @ Memphis Grizzlies - PRESEASON-

    Wow... Jarrell making threes... dunking over Biyombo... he looks good... and so does Baldwin... and so does Chalmers... gonna be a tough decision on who to cut.
  8. Orlando Magic @ Memphis Grizzlies - PRESEASON-

    LMAO... The Magic have the Disney logo on their new uniforms.
  9. Melo Traded to the Thunder, huh?

    Meanwhile, our brilliant front office is busy trading unprotected second round picks for protected second round picks. WINNING.
  10. Marc Gasol highlighs from Venezuela games 2017

    Wow... Spain just got throttled by twenty points by Slovenia. Shocking!
  11. We really do have it all... except, ya know... scoring and rebounding... but as long we don't play any games where those two things matter, we're set!
  12. Marc Gasol highlighs from Venezuela games 2017

    Wow... Marc looks amazing out there. He has been fairly slim for the last several seasons, but he has actual muscle definition now! Great work Marc... keep it up!
  13. Fizz goes off !!!

    This issue isn't 'just politics' to the many people who are hurt by the existence of these monuments to prejudice and hate.
  14. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    Uh, surely you saw him play during Summer League. The guy was having a hard time staying in front of D League caliber forwards.
  15. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    A short, stubby, slow tweener with average athleticism, that can't rebound or defend? Yeah... I like the kid... I love his fearlessness on the court... l sincerely hope he proves me wrong... but I'm not optimistic about his prospects.