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  1. Samuel Jackson

    It's that time of year
  2. Nut Heads IV

    I haven't been on the board in months. This is best thing I've seen on here in years. 89 € is a lot
  3. Wolves, Blazers, Grizz

    I like all the moving pieces. Grizzlies take a risk on Martin in a win now situation and Muhammed makes us feel better about giving up Jordan Adams. However, the 2016 first round pick is owed to the Nuggets via the Speights salary dump to Cleveland.
  4. Celts, Lakers, Grizz...

    I read your explanation above. Danny Aigne is not going to give IT2 up for nothing, he would rather let his contract expire. You have to think like Ainge in order to fake trade like Ainge.
  5. Roster Moves

    No. That would require a sign and trade as the grizzlies are over the cap. McDaniels wouldn't see run on this Grizzlies team. Stokes, if he stays on the roster, fits a need for a back up bruiser.
  6. Celts, Lakers, Grizz...

    The Celtics are not going to trade Thomas and Turner for two guys that don't belong in an 8 man rotation.
  7. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/sources--michael-beasley-signing-non-guaranteed-contract-with-grizzlies-002809588.html If he makes the roster does Prince get waived? How many guaranteed deals does the team have at this point?
  8. Kevin Love

    wow box score
  9. Grit And Grind 4Eva! The Grizz Future Lineup?

    Koufos is going to get a much larger contract after this season as he is a more than serviceable back up center. I would be shocked if he is back with the Grizzlies unless the FO can get him at a reasonable deal. Other than Conley the rest of that starting 5 you list is 100% expendable. Adams and Stokes haven't played a NBA game, Luer is a decent 10th man, and Koufos has an extremely limited offensive game. It's a little early to crown them the future of the franchise.
  10. J Critt Charged with Murder

  11. Rant From A Former Memphis Miserable

    i'll never forget when "tinsely time" changed her name to "gasol the great."
  12. Samuel Jackson

    This guy is still available. I say the Grizzlies make a play for him.
  13. Samuel Jackson

  14. Samuel Jackson

    "Betty White" "If you can't beat her, sign her."
  15. Kevin Love

    otis thorpe
  16. Kevin Love

    or the knicks
  17. Lorenzen Wright

    i was hoping he was in europe looking for work....total bummer man.
  18. All Star GASOL

  19. Nut Heads IV

    From a Grizzlies perspective; Hattiesburg isn't too bad. I will be 300 miles from Memphis with many friends and family still living in Memphis - thus free place to stay when I come home. The big bonus is that New Orleans is only 100 miles away. So I can catch the Grizzlies twice a year in nola. which has its benefits. and another great thing is that league pass broad band won't black out grizz games - so i won't have any need for cable tv But yes, career first. grizz 2nd,3rd,and sometimes 4th. Tokyo and Grizz aren't a good mix. But I would share like to visit Japan one day. Hong Kong would be wild as well. Best of luck
  20. Nut Heads IV

    i'm moving to hattiesburg in august bad for going to grizzlies games. good for life goals and career goals.
  21. Nut Heads IV

  22. Nut Heads IV

    yall think this warm weather in february means real bad things for august ?
  23. Mike Conley Jr. - Team Leader?

    hey, conleywillbegreat; haven't you used up all of your internet time for sunday? or is your mom still at church and you can keep on truckin'?
  24. Mike Conley Jr. - Team Leader?

    I think he can be a leader. Hollins has given him "keys to the car" and it has helped his game tremendously. Which has to make me think that Heisley hired Hollins and said "you have develop conley, I don't want to have to spend anymore money on a point guard, I mean Tony Parker has a hot wife, Jaric has a hot wife, why can't conley have a hot wife..oh yeah by the way hollins you get the job. But Lionel what do you think about that young wife of tony parker, maybe we can get one of those for our team, i mean she didn't cost the spurs anything; i want to build a team like the spurs through the draft. maybe we can get some ladies in this place, yaric can't even speak enough portugeuse to get his lady in the forum; maybe conley can get him a wife to come the games; i mean i'd give her a seat, i own the team. but lionel you think we can get damon stoudamire to come back and coach for us. i think he can help conley get better at getting a wife. man these are tough times to be a billionaire, i mean my interest keeps gaining and i have an exuse not to spend money. Brandy sure was cheap halftime entertainment; maybe next year we can get the suns in here for the MLK and have Shaq do one of those raps he does; 'i know i got skillz' Think about the money I would save; and the kids would love it. Boy, Lionel you really got me thinking I get to hire you for the duration of iavorni's contract; you live in the city and i get to save some money. By the way did i mention i am a billionaire. These sure are tough economic times to be a billionaire, my interest keeps gaining and I have a great excuse not to spend money. Boy those were great times buying this team in US dollars while the Canadian dollar was weak. I sure did make a profit. Boy it sure is tought to be a billionaire these days. Real tough. I better go and get me another used rolex. By the way hollins; how does $50,000 sound?"