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  1. Indiana @ Memphis 11/15/17

    They are continuing to switch everything on the pick and roll which is so moronic, as it allows the team on offense to dictate the match-up that is most favorable. Hence news flash - WE ARE GETTING TORCHED ON DEFENSE.
  2. For a small market to succeed you really need a staff of great talent evaluaters and no body and I do mean NO BODY, thinks Wallace has excelled or ever will be known as such. He hopes for the best with most of his deals and has repeatedly struck out in the draft, that the bargain signings have little to do with the player and more to do with the price he got the player at. Vince Carter (good deal) Brandon Wright (good deal) Chandler Parsons (bad deal) Tyreke Evans (good deal) Ben McLemore (good deal)
  3. Ben Maclemore out up to 3 months

    Next Man Up - Wayne Seldon; COME ON DOWN
  4. Mario Chalmers returns

    Takeaways from this signing: 1. There is no plan in place regarding the roster, which means NO foresight/innovation to deal with Risk or mitigate new challenges which means normal simplified execution from individuals learning on the job, with the exception of Ed Stefanski. 2. Wade Baldwin is not a PG or at minimum is not near ready to man the position as the move was made after Summer League concluded, and we all saw the obvious conclusion. 3. Tyreke Evans will play off the ball a lot 4. Troy Daniels will be traded due to the numbers crunch on the wing 5. A three for one trade is on the table for a player making close to 10 million per if not over that amount (personal speculation/conclusion) 6. Andrew Harrison may have earned a STAY FROM EXECUTION, since he is more versatile than Wade Baldwin and can play off the ball as well.
  5. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    I wouldn't say insulting but it is indictment on the lack of success when it comes to drafting done by this front office, which also makes me very cynical when rebuilding is mentioned because the F.O. can not build thru the draft. Our hands are tied to the current course of action. Having said all that I do believe that Brooks is a player and the only critique in his game is the same one leveled at Steph Curry and James Harden when they were coming out which is a lack of athleticism, two players the Grizzlies passed on during the draft, so hopefully they have learned their lesson.
  6. Hello, Dillon Brooks!

    He is easily, right now the best pick in the last three years.
  7. Marc Gasol Summer Body Fat Check

    Hopefully Marc Gasol settles for having a Doppleganger of his younger brother and it satisfies his desire to play with another Gasol in the NBA. I wonder if he and Pau call the youngest = "Michael Blanco"?
  8. I Think Baldwin Is Starting To Come On

    Yes I co-sign the attempt to re-sign Troy Williams, top 10% in Athleticism in the league. We need him, but room has to be made on the roster; TOO MUCH CLUTTER!
  9. I Think Baldwin Is Starting To Come On

    You can get away with a player not being cerebral at different positions but PG is not one of them. He does not seem to have a basic understanding of the flow of the game or personnel and thus he does not make anyone better. He does not defend or shoot well enough to play SG so his athleticism is mitigated by not playing PG. I advocate moving on from the experiment sooner rather than later. The non-drafted Kobi Simmons shows a better feel for the game then Baldwin, which is pretty alarming. What improvement has he done since draft night?
  10. Which Guys should be Prioritized to Develop?

    I would invest time in Rade Z., Ivan Rabb, Wayne Selden, DD, & Brooks with a simultaneous short term and long term view. I would not include any of them in trades and try to develop each as much as I could without costing us any games. I would cut bait on Jarrell Martin, Troy Daniels, James Ennis, Wade Baldwin and Andrew Harrison. Meaning I would try to package as many of them as I could in trades to net something else, anything else.
  11. McLemore it is

    Well the Memphis Grizzlies is the land of misfit toys, since the signing of Zach Randolph we have a reputation of taking the unwanted player and making him our own. It is kinda what makes the relationship special between them and the city, look what happened with Mario Chalmers after just one season. People love him and still want him re-signed and he may or may not have one leg. I say all that to say that not being wanted in one location does not scare us off from a player, look at how many stops Chauncey Billups had before he got it right. Location, location, location doesn't just matter in real estate it's pretty important when it comes to careers too.
  12. So if I am understanding a few posters correctly, trade Marc Gasol, the clear advantage we have in more than 90% of our basketball games for more defense, when the lack of offense has been our Achilles heel for the past several years. (let that marinate for a few seconds) NO THANK YOU! Although I am in favor of having Charlotte as a trading partner to acquire MKG, the cost would be Chandler Parsons, Brandan Wright, Jarrell Martin, or James Ennis in some combination. Mike & Marc would not make sense and sense they recently acquired Dwight Howard, Frank Kaminsky should be in the deal as well.
  13. McLemore it is

    Takeaways from this signing: McLemore is the starting SG which I am fine with. Team does not seem to be interested in bringing back the older players, based upon Wallace not committing publicly to doing so which he has done in the past with other free agents, and Fizdale's desire to move on from the grit and grind era. Rosters in the NBA are moving toward more wings and less bigs with smaller lineups being in vogue at the moment. Only (1) center Nene has been signed to a free agent contract so far. Therefore even though Rade Z. is expected to come on board, we could still sign Troy Williams who is an unrestricted free agent. Ultra athletic Wings for the Grizz - Selden, McLemore, and maybe Williams is a very good look, along with small ball four potential of Parsons, Rade, and the rookie Dunn. Tony Allen will be signing elsewhere, as it does not make sense to have him take minutes from Troy Daniels and Selden even as a specialist. The Grizzly version of the Expendables - Brandon Wright, James Ennis, and Jarrell Martin.
  14. 2017 NBA Manifesto

    While we can sometimes ALL be prisoners of the moment, and can rationalize the benefits of moving Marc Gasol, it is highly unlikely and probably not even under consideration to move him. There will be a decline as a player gets older but there were moments in this past season where Marc Gasol was unguardable. I know at times M. Conley Jr has looked great but with his injury history he can't be counted on as the lone contributor and plus the team has responded positively when he has been out for extended periods of time. The case can not be made for when Marc has been out of the lineup.
  15. Grizzlies opponents - 2017 Free agents and trades

    Do NBA players know that there are two conferences? They don't all need to load up in the Western Conference. Just Saying! Winters in Detroit, Steaks in Indiana, Cheesesteak in Philly, The beltway of DC, Atlanta, Miami, New York, Toronto, come on guys spread the wealth around a little bit.