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  1. f-dizzle

    Trade Likely Coming for Draft

    Draft Porter and see who bites.
  2. f-dizzle


    I need feedback. Could Bamba work in the starting lineup with Marc? Conley/Evans/Brooks/Bamba/Gasol
  3. f-dizzle

    Grizz Offseason Moves

    If Marc and Mike are both healthy and engaged, that's 15-20 more wins right there. If you factor in a shooter in the starting lineup, we are instantly a contender. You factor in another defensive presence in the starting lineup, we are an instant contender. Honestly, if we would have had a healthy Conley and Jam Green, we would have made the playoff. Hell, I'd think about starting Jam Green again, moving Brooks to SG and drafting Porter. The shooting in that starting lineup alone is off the chain.
  4. We need a scorer in the starting lineup to stretch the floor. MC, Reke, Brooks, Bagley, Marc MC, Reke, Brooks, Mamba, Marc MC, Brooks, Reke, Porter, Marc MC, Reke, Brooks, JJJ, Marc We can't go wrong with any of those pics. All are long, fill a need. All except Porter can rebound at high rates. Mamba and JJJ are defensive specialists that can score. Goodness, we're in a good spot.
  5. Wallace shouldn't be here for the long haul.
  6. f-dizzle

    Pre-Draft 18-19 Squad Prediction

    If we got the #1 pick, Would the Suns give us #2 and Booker for Ayton? Asking for a friend.
  7. f-dizzle

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    A starting 5 of Conley, Reke, Brooks, Bagley, and Gasol is impressive. Hell, we make the playoffs with a healthy Mike this year. Bagley fills a need at PF. We CAN'T mess this up.
  8. f-dizzle

    Memphis @ Utah 03/30/18

    Well, can we keep MarShon Brooks? We need someone to score in case Reke leaves. He can definitely get his own shot. Something we desperately need.
  9. f-dizzle

    Why am I not more excited about Bagley?

    I like Bagley, but if Porter is available where we pick we gotta get him.
  10. f-dizzle

    Memphis @ Utah 03/30/18

    Troy Daniels started and had 7 3-pts against the Rockets. There's no way he should have been traded and we struggle for shooters.
  11. f-dizzle

    Why am I not more excited about Bagley?

    Get excited
  12. f-dizzle

    Memphis @ Minnesota 03/26/18

    Tank in peace!
  13. f-dizzle

    Get real about our scrub roster

    If we were healthy from Day #1 with this Starting 5, we would have been a playoff team: Conley Reke Parson Jam Marc We never saw this roster at full potential. Insert Bagley instead of Jam and we are a top 5 team in the West.
  14. f-dizzle

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    A Bagley with a healthy Conley is a playoff team.