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  1. Grizzlies & Spurs - 12/30/2014

    Will be my first game as a season ticket holder. Looking forward to a good game.
  2. When Staying Good Goes Wrong

    The fact is when TA is in the game you have to have an elite or close to elite shooter out there with him. The floor spacing dies with 2 bigs and TA who can't shoot his way out of a paper bag. Conley is servicable on kick outs, but that's not enough to space the floor effectively. As much as we all love TA, and his efficiency is great, he is an offensive liability if he's not cutting to the basket.
  3. When Staying Good Goes Wrong

    The talk of Zbo taking less money is contingent, IMO, on keeping Prince through the summer. Feel free to poke holes in my logic, but if we were to move Prince before Zbo re-signs, it would be a move that would improve or significantly improve our cap situation. In this circumstance, Zbo's agent then has leverage to say to the FO, you have cap room and don't need Zbo to take less money. Thus, we can only hope Prince gets a few more "sore knee DNPs" for the rest of the season.
  4. Thought this article was extremely relevant... http://www.sbnation.com/nba/2013/12/30/5247512/memphis-grizzlies-zach-randolph-marc-gasol Makes me hope the front office is viewing the structuring of the team in a 5 year window (Conley & Gasol's prime). To me, this means procuring the services of a reliable SG or SF scorer (who knows maybe Johnson is the one). Can't waste Conley and Gasol's prime because of a love affair with Zbo.
  5. Jamaal Franklin's Identity

    *thread jack*... Speaking of nicknames, how are we not calling Jon Leuer, "Johnny Basketball"?
  6. Grizzlies & Thunder - 5/11/2013

    Ticket for sale. Face value. See link to ticket board. http://boards.grizzliesonline.com/index.php?showtopic=15756
  7. I have 1 seat Section 114 row H. Looking for face ($389). (901)654-6564 tell me you saw it on the grizz board.
  8. he's not strong enough. he's not fearless. he can't finish at the rim consistently. he doesn't cause enough steals to use his speed in the fast break. he's somewhat streaky beyond the 3 point line. he gets posted up all the time. where are the positives? he's a decent free throw shooter that avoids getting fouled, that doesn't help. it's time to trade conley and gay.
  9. I dig the New Kids on the block picture.


  10. Nut Heads IV

    phelps is the fastest man alive!
  11. Nut Heads IV

  12. Nut Heads IV

  13. Nut Heads IV

  14. Nut Heads IV