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  1. Elillo

    Was Firing Coach Fizsdale the Answer?

    Some people criticized Hollins for being too "my way or the highway". Guess it may apply here too.
  2. Lebron is a beast, but I wouldn't risk wasting any of the MVP level years he has left if I were the Lakers. He's 33 after all.
  3. Elillo

    Draft 2018

    Madre. Mía. Vaya. Gorros. Ese tapón en carrera sabiendo exactamente en qué momento poner la mano y sin hacer falta... Y sin miedo a dejarse los cuernos, dándolo todo.
  4. I wish we could trade our MacBen for some BBQ.
  5. Elillo

    Draft 2018

    A mí me dejó flasheado el triple con paso lateral con un defensa encima. Que es un tío muy alto haciendo eso... En alguna parte leí que había pegado un estirón brutal no hacía mucho. Si es así, eso quiere decir que ganará coordinación de forma natural, aparte de la fuerza y masa que le irán viniendo en unos años. Puede ser especial, desde luego. (Es el primer partido de la Summer League, es el primer partido de la Summer League, es el primer partido de la Summer League...)
  6. Elillo

    Cousins to Warriors

    Plus Mirotic and Davis were playing really well together after Cousins went down.
  7. Elillo

    Draft 2018

    ¡Solo 3 rebotes! ¡A la hoguera con él! A ver si resulta que vamos por buen camino y todo...
  8. Elillo

    Draft 2018

    Lo de mucha gente del otro foro a veces me da risa y otras dolor de cabeza. Doncic estaría genial, obviamente, pero a mí no sé por qué me apetece también mucho Bagley. Supongo que porque no hemos tenido nunca una mala bestia tipo Stro pero sabiendo jugar. Pero sí, supongo que al final irán Ayton, Doncic/Bagley y luego ya se verá.
  9. Problem with Atlanta wanting someone other than Doncic or Bagley. It might be someone who they feel will be there further down, and then they can very well trade the pick (or pick and trade the player) to another team that wants them. This is fun, isn't it?
  10. Great work fanboy, and definitely something that needs to be kept in mind. Unless someone comes with an offer you can't refuse (idk, Boston's Brown + pick or other players), just draft whoever you see as best available. Trading a potential star for potential role players just to get rid of Parson's contract would be so frustrating.
  11. Para relajar de las comidas de tarro sobre el draft: https://basketball.realgm.com/wiretap/250169/Pau-Gasol-Goes-To-Hospital-Following-Fall-From-Bicycle Sapada, agua oxigenada, mercromina, tirita y para casa. Eso sí, ver caerse de la bici a alguien de 2'15 debe impresionar un rato. Y el tamaño de bici que necesitará, también.
  12. And Luka is playing a good game right now
  13. Tanking was taking a chance on getting a top pick. Drafting a player is taking a chance on a player becoming special. Trading down with an specific player in mind is taking a chance on said player still being there. Too many chances for my liking. Just decide what player you want and get him, or trade down to get more assets and pick whoever is left. I'll go with the first one.
  14. Elillo

    The 2018 Free Agents

    If you're expecting someone to put up 30 a game in Euroleague... well, don't. Totally different style, rotations, playing time. Still, 16 ppg in 26 mpg (4th in the Euroleague) is not that bad for a player who can't score according to some.