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  1. I might not say #2 for Sexton, but if it is him and Young at say #5... Sexton all day for me. But this is the same dude that wanted Jordan Adams over Rodney Hood. That one didn't work out the way I saw
  2. Bamba and Young are the only unicorns i see i this draft.

    Collin Sexton will be the best value pick in this draft. Whoever gets him around 6-9 will be getting a steal. Since we are clearly tanking for the #1 IMO Ayton or Bagley would be the safest picks in the top 2.
  3. Trading one for 2 on draft picks

    So pretty much the current M.O. for this team's front office? Great. Makes me think it is more likely than not.
  4. 2018 trade deadline thread

    Haha, I thought the exact same since it was the top post! Whew! Fingers crossed Wallace can work some magic.
  5. Parsons return?

    I think for us we are all at that point...
  6. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    I'd go with Sexton where I think (hope) we draft. If we get #1 then Bagley obviously. As an aside to what was mentioned above - Personality absolutely IS important. Leonard and Duncan do have great personalities - all they care about is the game and getting better. Chip on the shoulder types are good too. The thankful to be here (think Jarrell Martin up until this year) types don't work. Neither do the guys who have no passion for basketball (Thabeet / Darko). Personality is a huge component of drafting. Big reason I was disappointed with the W. Baldwin pick two years ago.
  7. Memphis @ Detroit 02/01/18

    SMH at Parsons laughing it up with Griffen and Drummond afterwards.
  8. Just curious what all the Marc haters think of him currently? In my opinion, it is pretty solid for him to keep coming out and performing at a high level during this down season. (I know some folks will say he is messing up the tank... come on.) If Marc was not willing to keep playing our young guys (Martin, Rabb, Brooks) would be learning the NBA ropes from Rio Chalmers and B. Wright for the rest of the year though.
  9. 2018 trade deadline thread

    I think we are certainly in a strong position, but history has shown we have a way of messing things up. However I am cautiously optimistic also based mainly on the strength of this draft class. If we can get Bagley or a dynamic wing it would put us in a decent spot moving forward. Parsons is still dead weight next year and so is McLemore (based on this year's performance). I do like Rabb. He has a legit talent for grabbing boards, but needs to bulk up a bit more though. I just hope we don't get fleeced in this Tyreke trade or throw in someone else decent (Rabb/Selden) and watch them blow up somewhere else.
  10. 2018 trade deadline thread

    Hopefully a 1st round pick. Short of that I would expect at least a decent player on a rookie deal. If we can't land either of those two assets I'd say we would be losing any theoretical trade.
  11. Jarell Martin

    What's over?
  12. Mike Conley done for season

    Agree with this and the general sentiment that this is a good move for the team. I think for most of us who have been around the Grizz for a while saw the writing was on the wall for this move for over a month now.
  13. Mike Conley done for season

    Pretty sure that was when his face got broken in the playoffs?
  14. And you know this how? You must be a wizard or a tarot reading fortune teller to have this type of insight.