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  1. McLemore/Selden

    No news on these two? Drew needs a well-deserved long-lasting rest. I actually like the guy's effort, but he's killing our starting unit.
  2. 3-2 Clippers: W Lakers: L Portland: W Houston: W Milwaukee: L
  3. Grizz Rise in Power Rankings

    Yep, my bad. Edited.
  4. Grizz Rise in Power Rankings

    #5 it is With no injuries, good contribution from Jam, McLemore and Selden, and with Reke an Parsons at the level they've shown in the last games, we could be around that all season long, but there are still a lot of ifs to be crowned this soon.
  5. Well, it's not a completely useless stat, it gives you information about the type of play a team has, but that's about it. It doesn't give you relevant information about the productivity, the competitive edge or the foreseeable success of a team. Because the thing is it works both ways. If you play 92 possessions and keep your opponents in 89, you're having an advantage. On the other hand, you play at 110 but give your opponents 115, you are most likely losing games. The information that could be useful is the differential between possesions taken and allowed, but not the isolated data itself.
  6. Team Hero vs Rockets 10/28/2017

    Chancun, The Big If, of course
  7. Absolutely. Let's wait and see how the rotation works putting them in the mix. We've been great so far. I need at least one month of competition to be confident on this team consistency, but since yesterday THE BIG IF is less uncertain. All hail Chancun!
  8. Predictions contest

    Some of you (and most of the national media, as usual) are burning the chances of this team to make the playoffs, I'm not ready to make a prediction myself, too many ifs. I honestly think this could be a great season or a horrendous one and I wouldn't be surprised with any of the outcomes. But, if we finally don't make it and we enter the lottery, what the hell is the status of our 1st round pick and Boston?? I've read it's 1-9 protected in 2019, 1-6 in 2020 and unprotected in 2021, but what about 2018??
  9. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    Hasn't so far... If he'd had, we wouldn't even be discussing him being cut, as we were. He could arguably have the potential, but hasn't show anything consistent even in summer league, where he shoud be supposed to dominate. He's not an asset for me, as it isn't Wright for his inability to stay healthy. We desperately need depth inside and with a trade like this one we would get some in exchange for nothing (but $$). We only have 2 proven NBA players in Marc and Jam, and Jam is not precisely an All-Star caliber player. We could bet on Davis and Rabb, but it's a huge gamble. Other possibilities we could explore are Vucevic or Monroe, but are less versatile and I guess more difficult to get. Also O'Quinn and Okafor, but there we wouldn't have the savings card to play and those are not gonna come for nothing, that is what we have to offer.
  10. Who Do The Grizzlies Lose?

    Not really sure if Wallace is planning on cutting the number of players we need to lose or making a trade instead. Thinking about the later one... Would you do this one and do you think the more than 10M savings would be enough for Denver despite getting close to nothing to put on the floor? GRIZZ get Kenneth Faried NUGGETS get Wright, Martin and Harrison (I could throw Ennis in too) Denver saves a lot of money for a player they don't want and has been on the trade block for two seasons. We get an athletic freak that can actually rebound, run the floor like a deer and that could pair up nicely with Marc's outside shooting, IQ and passing ability. On the downside, he's undersized, nothing like a lockdown defender or a stretch four and he's 26M in two years. PG: Conley - Chalmers - Baldwin SG: McLemore - Evans - Selden SF: Parsons - Ennis - Brooks PF: Green - Faried - Zagorac C: Gasol - Davis - Rabb