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  1. IdrinkGuinness

    We Should Trade the Pick

    trading would be ok but for once hold out for some real value instead of the peanuts we always seem to get . drafting / trading , a good FO could do either and come out winners ..,. maybe our FO can just pull ideas out of a hat ..
  2. IdrinkGuinness

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    do we still have the cha 2nd ? nevermind found this
  3. IdrinkGuinness

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Chandler Hutchison looks pretty good
  4. IdrinkGuinness

    Robert Pera issued subpoena from SEC

    thanks , bought some shares for a nice little swing trade
  5. IdrinkGuinness

    The 2018 Free Agents

    hopefully Parsons is on the FA list
  6. IdrinkGuinness

    2018 trade deadline thread

    can we go ahead and sign Papagiannis pls .
  7. IdrinkGuinness

    What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    can't wait till we just let tyreke walk for nothing .
  8. IdrinkGuinness

    2018 trade deadline thread

    guessing the C's would love to add tyreke & monroe
  9. IdrinkGuinness

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    hows our 2nds looking at this point ?
  10. IdrinkGuinness

    Roster Moves

    i don't think we have bird rights for tyreke so keeping him could be a problem., thats the main reason we should move him imo .
  11. IdrinkGuinness

    What do you think Tyreke's value is?

    i think he'd be great for phi , reke for bayless . add some fillers/picks or whatever . phi gets a decent guard and an exp contract to load up next year .
  13. IdrinkGuinness

    Chris Vernon

    that's about the time we started going all in and put very little effort into any type of future . we also sucked at the draft when it could have been our best way to improve .
  14. IdrinkGuinness

    Chris Vernon

    a few of us have been trying to point this out for years . CW sucks at valuing assets , years of giving up too much in trades , getting to little in trades and letting guys walk for nothing .