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  1. Acehigh718

    jarell martin appreciation thread

    Appreciate you, Jarell. Hope you go on to have a nice long career.
  2. Acehigh718

    There goes your Gasol-Conley-Evans core

    ??? I just hide it better, these days
  3. Acehigh718

    There goes your Gasol-Conley-Evans core

    Queens NY raised, and Brooklyn would take off if the team wasn't such a downer. Tickets are pretty cheap these days and Barclays is near some really cool stuff (I'm not cool enough to be a hipster, but I'm out that way all the time). They're doing things right these days and the branding is great. This city is ripe for an NBA contender. No matter what, a good Knicks team will overshadow anything the Nets could ever accomplish, but a competitive Nets squad could easily duplicate the way the Clippers rose to popularity in the early Grantland days. Our market supports two teams pretty easily in the other major sports, so there shouldn't be any issues backing a legitimately exciting Nets squad. Islanders are already headed back east to the fringes of Queens/Long Island to their own arena in Belmont. I've got some questions about the long term viability of that experiment, but it's easier to get to than Citi Field. Funny with all these local options, I still ended up being a Grizzlies fan. Panthers in football, too. I was a weird kid...
  4. Acehigh718

    How Do You Feel?

    I'm pretty loose with how I feel right now, as I'm trying to reserve judgment until they actually do something. I have no idea what to expect, but I feel hopeful, that whatever they do on draft night will illuminate a bit of the path forward. This pick is the best asset we've had in years, so I'm cautiously optimistic. I don't like all the trade-centric reports surrounding it, but trying not to let it get me down until we know for sure that the smoke is real.
  5. If any of our bench players started at point for the Celtics in the conference finals, they would have been swept.
  6. I think the problem with Luka is the hype. To me his ceiling is probably a Mike Conley/Marc Gasol level of stardom. Too limited to be your true number one option, but pair him with a couple guys at or near his level and you can compete. I'd gladly take that at #4.
  7. Acehigh718

    Who's getting moved

    This is interesting. But if we do anything to get our pick back I don't want Hayward because I'm tanking like an animal while we're in this downswing.
  8. Acehigh718

    Who's getting moved

    Totally agree on Conley/Gasol. I mean, when I say I care about keeping them, I mean I'm not aggressively shopping them. I'd really trade anybody - Dillon too - for the right price. I'm really interested to see where Rabb ends up as a player. I wish we got to see more of him in real lineups earlier in the year.
  9. My board keeps changing, but here's where I'm at (in some order) so far with guys in consideration for top 10 picks. (I think Ayton's really the only guarantee to not be there when we pick so I'm going to keep him out of this) Guys I would like to pick at 4 Bagley - I hate to sound like Chris Vernon, but this dude is far and away number one for me. I think he's far more versatile than he showed at Duke. Porter Jr. - For me this guy is one of two at the top of the draft who can carry a team as a primary scoring option. Of course his back is scary - and even more so than that for me he sounds super immature, but his upside is tantalizing. Doncic - I like Doncic. I don't think he sets the world on fire, but I think a fair assessment of the level of player he can be in the NBA is a Marc Gasol/Mike Conley like tier of "star.' Which I'd happily take in this draft. Guys I would not pick at 4 Bamba - I don't agree with the Thabeet comps, but don't see how he is a difference maker against the top teams in the league. JJJ - Might be the next great defensive wizard, but I need offense this high in the draft, and don't believe in a guy who couldn't stay on the floor in college due to fouls being able to defend at a high level in the NBA for a few years. The group-think on it being a guarantee that he becomes a stud in 3-4 years is just too Strotential for me. Guys I like, but would not pick if we stay at 4 Carter Jr. - I'll always ride for the Duke guys. Trae Young - I think Trae will be good. Not 4th pick good, but good. If we walked away with him and an asset for 4, that would be cool.
  10. Acehigh718

    Stefanski to Detroit

    I'd actually prefer Wallace unchained to greater Pera/Abadi influence. I think more of our decision making issues stem from a lack of coherent vision because this FO manages by consensus and taking turns, rather than imposing a vision and sticking to it. Wallace just ends up looking like an idiot because he doesn't have a strong enough voice to own the process, and gets strut out there to take the fall for everything that goes wrong.
  11. Acehigh718

    Who's getting moved

    Only guys on this team that I even care about keeping are Conley, Gasol, Brooks, probably Rabb just because there's a good chance he is better than his trade value, and maybe Selden though I'm not as high on him as others. I'd almost prefer a clean overhaul of the rest if possible.
  12. No issues with the Grizz potentially locking down Bickerstaff for next season. Mike and Marc era doesn't have a ton of juice left, and not sure they want to undergo another coaching regime. if they like JB, then let's roll with it. And if the wheels fall off and this era of Grizzlies basketball is done for, JB has shown that he can remain composed through a tank while keeping the young guys engaged.
  13. Washington would be nuts to do that, but sign me up lol. Beal is only 24 and already a stud. I think he's on a totally different level than McCollum.
  14. This. Judging by the board, pretty much everyone's raring to go...
  15. Acehigh718

    Obligatory 2018 NBA Draft 2nd Round Thread

    Man, I'm lost when it comes to this draft. I can talk myself into or out of anybody in the top 6 at this point.