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  1. Reads title. Reads first sentence.
  2. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    I view Doncic as a larger Manu Ginobili/Ricky Rubio with a jump shot and I would absolutely welcome that. I don't see the James Harden comps at all. I just love the idea of the ball movement that can happen between Marc, Mike, and Luka. The closer we get I would absolutely be happy walking away with Doncic, Bagley, or Porter. All 3 of those would be huge for the Grizzlies. Starting to feel much better as we get closer.
  3. Trading the pick

    I also wonder if Doncic's people have put it out there that Memphis would be his preferred location too because they are still in win now mode and Doncic doesn't want to end up on a constant rebuilding team. Out of all those teams able to draft him, Memphis is the only one that can be back in the playoffs next season and have Doncic as a clear starter with Mike and Marc.
  4. 2018 NBA Combine

    Looking forward to Porter's workout with the Grizzlies and other teams. Right now, I'd say Porter is getting more attention than any other draft prospect.
  5. Trading the pick

    Dont't forget that lots of teams leak and put that stuff out there to the press to try to manipulate who they want and where they want them. Could be Grizz brass trying to put out there the perception that JJJ is more valuable than Bagley to try and get ATL to take JJJ to make Bagley available at 4.
  6. 2018 NBA Combine

    Anyone think MPJ will scrimmage?

    So he is just a taller Serge Ibaka?
  8. Trading the pick

    If that were to happen, wonder if the 22+32 is enough to jump up and get Knox.
  9. Trading the pick

    You are basically flipping McLemore into Simmons, who is almost the same $$ and much more talented. You are also still probably getting your same guy at 6 as you are at 4 unless Bagley slips. With the Grizzlies most likely giving up the next first rounder to Boston, you are adding talent without the draft or free agency. They only have the money for the MLE so this is one way to add talent on the wing and dumping a useless players in McLemore.
  10. 2018 NBA Combine

    Looking to see the numbers on his vertical. That should be very telling on the back.
  11. Use Michael Porter jr as bait

    The more I think about it, I'm pretty sure the Grizzlies won't draft anyone that would be a direct competitor to Marc or Mike. They are fully committed to those guys and aren't going to rock the boat. That leaves out Young, Sexton, Carter, and Bamba. This is why I think the Grizzlies were banking on getting a higher pick since Doncic and Bagley are positional needs. But now, I think it's Porter and JJJ that fit the need most in that order assuming Bagley is gone by 4. Now with that thought process, it really scares me that Wallace thinks trading the pick for a vet is the direction he is leaning if Bagley and Doncic are truly gone by 4. I think those were the guys they wanted. Not saying it is the right thing to do, just has Wallace and Grizzlies vibes.
  12. Trading the pick

    I would see if Orlando would do 4+McLemore+Martin for 6+Simmons. You would still have a chance probably to get Young or Porter here plus pick up a starting SG.
  13. Trading the pick

    We keep discussing trading the pick back but what about trading up to 3? What would it take to swap picks with Atlanta? Wonder if 4+32+JaM+McLemore for 3+Bazemore would work? Schroder wants out of ATL and could be a target too.
  14. With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    Bringing in Kawhi, they would have to take back Parsons, Gasol, or Conley. To work the way we would want in the current window then it would have to be Parsons. To match up best financially it would be #4/Parsons/Jam for Kawhi/Mills. I wouldn't give up anything else especially a young spark like Brooks. If SA would bite on this then it would work in the short term. I would rather take Bagley/Porter/Young at the 4 and let them develop for a few years, secure a max player when Parsons $$ comes off the books, and by then make a decision with Marc.
  15. Use Michael Porter jr as bait

    I'd take Young over JJJ and Bamba too.