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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    any of those 3 and im happy.. = keep on loosing and please let the suns get one against magic....
  2. I think Martin has shown a lot of growth this year. I do think a lot of us have unrealistic expectations on some of our current players.... many are just fringe NBA players...
  3. Inverted Standings Watch

    So the question becomes - can we loose all games left :/
  4. Inverted Standings Watch

    Phoenix has a winnable game tomorrow night. Will root for them. We will need them to win a couple of games
  5. Memphis @ Brooklyn 03/19/18

    Can we get some heavy BMac minutes.... that helps tanking a lot
  6. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    The tournament makes me want doncic just because at this point I’d rather have what I don’t know about him then what I saw if ayton (yeah emotional pick )
  7. Inverted Standings Watch

    Yeah - will watch it with high hopes :):) also don’t think Kerr cares much as they just want to be heatlhy for playoffs
  8. Will the Grizz win another game this season?

    That sure 3 teams would jump us? Rigged?
  9. Denver @ Memphis 03/17/18

    Fanboy slim: what’s the difference in salary for pick 1,2,3? Significant? Right now I can’t see a clear cut 1: before tournament I would have says Ayton but his showing was disappointing-> so as long as we have a top 4pick all good
  10. Inverted Standings Watch

    Good win for kings against warriors bench
  11. Chicago @ Memphis 03/15/18

    Suddenly been hitting 3s at a decent clip
  12. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    This is why worst record is key. Guarantees a top 4 pick. And all those 4 sound really good to me (with porter being huge upside huge risk )
  13. Inverted Standings Watch

    Great win for Kings. Seems we will be able to end bottom 3 at worst
  14. Inverted Standings Watch

    And ZBo doing what he do up 12 start of 4th .... just can’t get over the commentators nicknamedor zbo and yes still rough to see zbo in diff jersey)
  15. Inverted Standings Watch

    Blah... that “escalated” fast.. well Atleast the mavs winning.