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  1. The People's Champ

    Dumb Pick # 22

    Very, very, very great observations and a thoughtout post. This pick truly reminds me of former Grizzlies player DeMarre Carroll now with the Atlanta Hawks.
  2. The People's Champ

    Z-Bo Gets 2-Year, $20M Extension

    And neither carried their team to a playoff bert except Al Jefferson and that was in a weak @ss eastern conference.
  3. The People's Champ

    Jordan Adams - Newest Grizz

    I agree with Father Pat on this assessment.
  4. The People's Champ

    Z-Bo Gets 2-Year, $20M Extension

    Now i really do like those numbers...but that's just me. I think it's a great bargin.
  5. The People's Champ

    Jordan Adams - Newest Grizz

    Him and Conley together would be GAME CHANGERS! Napier was one of the most consistent players in college basketball during his time with the Huskies. He averaged over 17 points per game over the last two seasons, as well as 40 percent from the field and 80 percent from the free throw line. He was a dominant scorer in college who has the confidence to succeed offensively in the NBA as well. Despite his impressive scoring statistics, Napier is not just a shooter. He averaged nearly six rebounds per game and five assists last season, including four or more of each during the two prior seasons. He also was the first player to score a triple-double in the 2013-14 season, hit multiple game winning shots and led the Huskies to a National Championship over the Kentucky Wildcats.
  6. The People's Champ

    Dumb Pick # 22

    Another thing you have to look at is what rookie will help my team sell tickets. Do you want a player who is use to the lime light or a player that's flown under the radar and people will not get excited about? Mmmmmmmmmm something to think about in my opinion. Oh well, he's here now so i guess i gotta go buy a jesery and season tickets because of the great pick.
  7. The People's Champ

    Dumb Pick # 22

    Jordan Adam's is a poor Chris-Douglas Roberts (CDR) hence former Memphis Grizzlies Tigers and with that being said, I'll take CDR all day.
  8. The People's Champ

    Jordan Adams - Newest Grizz

    Does analytical Stats even matter in College? What happen to just drafting the best available player or a need for your team. Where in the world is this guy going to play with the log-jam at SG. Weird pick to me.
  9. I think he would be a great addition to our team especially with his championship experience and defense.
  10. The People's Champ

    I Must Say, I'm Pretty Impressed With The Front Office

    Why is it so hard to find a backup Point Guard?
  11. Was this the best move for the organization today or this season? Did we get better by standing pat. The People's Champ
  12. The People's Champ

    Ok Here's A Fair Question? Will We Be Better Than Last Season?

    With most teams struggling out the Gate I wonder if the owners would have kept the same team/coach would the Grizzlies be 8-0 right now instead of 3-5? Just a thought. We could be on cruise control. I see why DJ say we use to be what the Indiana Pacers are? Lol
  13. The People's Champ

    Ok Here's A Fair Question? Will We Be Better Than Last Season?

    I'm hoping SC Grizz but you might be right. That's a downer.
  14. Father Pat so the minority owners don't have a say so in who the team hire as a Coach or who stays and goes? Is it only Pera?
  15. At the end of year or season. I don't really mind making changes but you would hope you made changes for the better. At this point it's going to be tough to be better and/or go farther than last year but I guess it's possible? Any thoughts on this.