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  1. Kenrae

    Tracking Playoff Position

    Except those playing Houston, Portland or NO on a particular night.
  2. Kenrae

    Tracking Playoff Position

    Given their own injuries I wouldn't call them "lucky".
  3. Kenrae

    Tracking Playoff Position

    Even more so if it's on the conference finals .
  4. Kenrae

    Tracking Playoff Position

    Go home teams!
  5. Kenrae

    Tracking Playoff Position

    A change of scenery might do wonders for a player .
  6. Kenrae

    what a call (back again)

    At the same time, if it were Kobe instead of Shannon Brown, do you think it would have been called?
  7. Kenrae

    Tracking Playoff Position

    He was talking about the Lakers .
  8. Kenrae

    Lorenzen Wright

    What is so difficult about letting the police do their job? Well, at least is the same around the world .
  9. Kenrae

    Lorenzen Wright

    Come on, we need some laughs once in a while.
  10. Kenrae

    Lorenzen Wright

    Well, not exactly, Strotential is just having potential and not achieving it at all. But yes, worshiping Stro is way worse, it was quite fun in fact.
  11. Kenrae

    Lorenzen Wright

    Weren't you here when Stro was on the team? Lioncub posts were great, Stro was going to be the next Scottie Pippen.
  12. Kenrae

    Lorenzen Wright

    Wow, you people are really fast jumping to conclusions on an assassination. I don't know whether she's guilty or innocent but I know that I don't know enough about it to make an educated guess.