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  1. Nut Heads IV

    Both teams suck, but the Vols suck a little less. Screw tiger high!
  2. Nut Heads IV

    Yeah, to add to what Air said, this is just such a surreal experience. Game 1 was special with it being the first Grizz playoff win, and game 3 was great for the first home win, but the way we just absolutely broke their spirit and forced them to surrender last night was just unreal. It was like I was on another planet or something. I just hope this run doesn't end any time soon.
  3. Nut Heads IV

    The storms missed us down here in New Orleans. About time someone else got the bad weather!
  4. Nut Heads IV

    JWill and Battier both back, figured I'd drop in too. We're getting the band back together!
  5. Nut Heads IV

    Oh hey guys, how's it going!
  6. Nut Heads IV

    They've all since been deleted. As for those of you who don't understand this thread, you all missed out on some good times!
  7. Nut Heads IV

    Hi guys!
  8. Nut Heads IV

    Well until another MSU guy makes it to the NBA Roberts is still my guy! Jarvis Varnado will likely be that guy next season so once he makes it I will be able to let go of Roberts!
  9. Nut Heads IV

    I like this board much better with sigs. I can now show my support for the star player of KK Crvena Zvezda!
  10. Nut Heads IV

    Same for me! Had a great first year at Tulane and am looking forward to more!
  11. Nut Heads IV

    Whatup guys!
  12. Nut Heads IV

    Yeah, I had to come back to poke fun at the Tiger fans! Good times, good times!
  13. Nut Heads IV

    lol tiger high!
  14. Nut Heads IV

    It's going great! Just been busy as hell down here at Tulane! I love it here though.
  15. Nut Heads IV

    Hi guys, what's crackin?