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  1. Tracking Playoff Position

    Haha Well adleman was ****** at trade and won't play those losers!!! In reality, the Shane trade was mostly about getting Bud more miinutes (avg 15 per game since) and collecting whatever assets possible before Shane bolts to San Antonio or LA next year chasing a ring (supposedly what morey expects).
  2. Tracking Playoff Position

    I'm sure as a vet he has a strong voice, but Feigen says that Lowry and Hayes took over the vocal leadership role when Shane left. Hayes takes care of the motivational stuff and Lowry takes on the strategy and specifics of what guys need to be doing in each set. Adelman has shown some tremendous trust in Lowry to run the team. Interesting fact. The starting 5 for rockets are all late 1st or 2nd round picks. Lowry, Martin, bud, scola, Hayes. Lowry might be highest drafted out of that bunch. Of course with scola and bud now hurt, Patterson and lee step in and were picked 13th and 18th. A bunch of people in Houston are ****** at morey for getting marginal players and getting more out of them because they would rather the team tank and go for high puck than over achieve with hard working role players.
  3. Tracking Playoff Position

    Hey now. Not sure about Griz/rockets fate, but when me and pmi went to Memphis vs rice, the tigers played as bad as they have in 5 years. It was pathetic. Someone in crowd summed it up saying it was like 2 bad high school teams playing. Btw, there were more tiger fans there than rice fans. 2 to 1. As for Houston, they have benefited from handing reigns over to Lowry, getting upset Brooks off bench, and letting bud play more with Shane gone. Also, adelman has cut down rotation and is playing Lowry, Martin and Hayes ~42 min a night. But now with scola and bud injured, that might just be too much. This team post all-star break is how a team plays when the two leaders are Lowry and Hayes (see story on how this is now their team with Shane gone).
  4. Tracking Playoff Position

    It's still early. Lots of injuries and trade demands to change things. But at this point, I see 3 tiers in the west. Tier 1: Lakers Jazz Spurs Mavs Hornets Tier 2: Griz Rockets Blazers Nugs Thunder Warriors Suns Tier 3: Wolves Kings Clippers That means only 3 teams from tier 2 will make it. 4 teams will wish they were in the east. As the season goes on, it will be interesting to see which tier 2 teams rise or fall a tier. For instance, Many expected the thunder to be tier 1 (myself included).

    Looks like an owner is refusing to treat players consistent with how all other 29 owners do.

    Memphis grizzlies: where being penny-wise and pound-foolish happens.

    Henry deserves to be treated like his peers. And being treated like his peers is completely in line with both the CBA that the players and owners agreed on and in line with standard practice for the other teams and other draft picks in the league..... Can anyone tell me why Henry should accept a rookie contract that will pay him less than the player selected after him in the draft? For extra credit, can anyone explain why we should be supporting the Grizzlies structuring contracts such that late in the season the coach can choose NOT to play someone with the entire motivation being to keep that player under a certain mpg and thus save the franchise a few hundred thousand dollars (i.e., what boston did to nate robinson last year)? Some on here would rather make it seem like Henry is in the wrong for not wanting to "prove" himself worthy of getting the same deal that others get for something trivial, yet think it is ok for an organization structuring a contract such that the team can manipulate the minutes played per game to ensure that those incentives aren't met. Maybe Henry and his agent would be more receptive to a "prove it" contract if the incentives were within Henry's control and not in the hands of the team handing out minutes, with possibly motives un-related to winning the game at hand.

    Acting like spoiled children? How is wanting to be treated like all other rookies acting spoiled? How is not wanting to be the agent that allowed his client to sign worse rookie contract in class, acting spoiled? Plus all things considered, tellum and Henry have kept their frustrations out of the media. Details have been slow to come out.

    sounds like henry and his agent should dig in..... 1.619 is significant over the life of a rookie deal in no way should henry be treated unlike the rest of his peers and you better believe tellen isn't going to let it be known that he negotiated the worst rookie contract in recent years....he will have no clients next year....... to re-phrase your last sentence..... Heisley has elected to insist on treatment that no other player recieves, on the basis of trying to encourage better production out of his rookie, with the consequence of keeping the rookie away from the team that only increases the likelihood that he has the sort of subpar production heisley is trying to protect against........

    You know, I really don't have much sympathy for Vasquez here. He was lucky to be a 1st round pick and I think he had a real chance to slide to bottom or out of 2nd round.......his agent should recognize that grizzlies did them a favor by drafting him in the 1st round and find a compromise..... but for Xavier, it is different...... treating Xavier different than his peers, those players drafted near him and those players drafted in similar spots in years past, is not fair.......I think it is perfectly reasonable for Xavier to expect to be treated like his peers and to fight for that........just like in the nfl, an agent wouldn't let his player drafted 12th sign for less money than the 13th or 14th pick, Xavier's agent shouldn't have his client sign a contract that is worse (considerably worse?) than his peers........he should dig in and search for some leverage...... but regardless, I imagine things will be resolved by training camp my guess now is that Xavier will get slightly better incentive requirements than MH is offering now and the Griz will get bad publicity for doing things different than the other 29 teams...... now we just gotta teach vasquez the difference between Germantown Maryland and Germantown Tennessee!!!!!!! hahahahahaha

    I did say likely. I don't think the incentives have been publically released. But logic leads one to know they are unrealistic in relation to what every other teams give. --75% of the 1st rounders last year had incentives to get them to or close to 120%. None were involved in prolonged contract disagreements during negotiations. --28 other first rounders are signed this year. --the only 2 that aren't signed belong to us, each with a different agent, and it is public knowledge the incentives are the sticking point. It's clear. MH and CW are asking for abnormal incentives that likely are unfavorable to the player and likely unrealistic.

    and.....I think CW's use of the term "best practice" may be slightly mis-placed....or maybe pre-mature.... I have to develop best practices for my company......but something doesn't become a "best practice" when we first try to implement it.......something is a "best practice" when it has gone through lots of iterations to work out the kinks and it is a tried and true way to do something

    well, I did say likely and I say that because 28 other first rounders signed their contract this year and like you said, 75% of the 1st rounders last year had incentives to get them up to 120% of rookie scale so the fact that ours are not signed this year makes it very likely MH's demands for the incentives are more strict and unreasonable than what the other players got.....thus unfair if other teams were demanding incentives like what we are demanding, more players wouldn't be signed right now

    since the issue is what the incentives are, the headline should likely read "Rookie Fights to Receive Fair Deal, Owner Fights for Unrealistic Incentives"
  15. Lorenzen Wright

    obviously I have no knowledge on succesful police strategies.... but I went back and looked at many of the news stories the first 3 or so days he was gone.....this is taken from one of them.....from wreg I think I'm not sure I understand why they would say that over some variation of "no comment".........the police purposefully decided to tell the media the exact opposite (read: lie) instead of just not saying anything at all.....or did they not know about the 9-1-1 call until a day or two ago (which I think would fall under your unfathomable incompetence comment since checking his cell phone probably should have been the first action taken)..... I hope they quickly and swiftly find the responsible person(s)