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  1. MemphisX

    Grizz to sign Shelvin Mack?

    Harrison is secure. Not even sure what y’all are debating.
  2. MemphisX

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    you know how I know everyone is full of it. If the trade would have been Jevon Carter instead of a second rounder, everyone would have been on here killing the trade. However, the that is what the trade is essentially.
  3. MemphisX

    Grizz trading Mclemore & DD for Garrett Temple

    I don't like this trade at all. It is very similar to the Jeff Green trade. I am hoping we are a top lottery team in 2021, unless something unforseen happens in the talent acquisition game before then. So a 31-36 pick in what could be a draft deeper than 2018 will be a high cost to get off of players you could have cut and signed David Nwaba.
  4. MemphisX

    Vegas Summer League

    So good to hear from a long time board member about Jackson. It really feels good that he could shape the course of the franchise for the next 10-15 seasons.
  5. MemphisX

    Vegas Summer League

    Yep, i would have him watch those 4. I think he can a little from all and they are all champions.
  6. MemphisX

    Vegas Summer League

    No we just recognize development doesn’t mean they should be dropped after two seasons after showing a lot of improvement.
  7. MemphisX

    Vegas Summer League

    There are 10-15 bigs in the summer league (maybe more) that are having better showings than DD. This does not even include theveteran backup big options.
  8. MemphisX

    Vegas Summer League

    Why are you trying to find some other reason why people don’t want DD on the team other than the obvious?
  9. MemphisX

    Vegas Summer League

    He reacts dreadfully slow on defense. Does not rebound out of his area. Can’t movd his feet when attacked off the dribble. Can’t space the floor. He’s a subpar free throw shooter. Makes super slow decisions with the ball. Moves slow without the ball. And does not appear to be in shape.
  10. MemphisX

    Vegas Summer League

    Harrison has gotten much better every offseason. I would not be shocked if he was a knock down shooter this season. I doubted him every time and he has exceeded my expectations with his play. i also like Martin. I don’t see a role for DD in the new NBA. At least i think he is 2-3 years away from being good enough to be a dependable backup 5.
  11. Some teams use summer league to get live work on shortcomings. No sense in doing whatever you are already good at doing. jaren on the block and off the dribble has been beautiful.
  12. Maybe Orlando came out pressing because they knew we had played 5 games in 7 days.
  13. MemphisX

    Vegas Summer League

    Trae Young is going to be good.
  14. Bluff by Smart’s folks most likely. Don’t see any way the Celtics help us holding our pick. Makes zero sense.