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  1. Way to represent Big Spain!
  2. P. K.

    Vegas Summer League

    Yes Trae J (as I call him), has turned out to be a great addition to the Grizzlies and also Carter. Seems like the front office got it right.
  3. P. K.

    Months ellis.

    I think so but I think they need to first see if someone better is available since so much activity is going on. Monta lives in Eads I believe and I bet would love to be with the Grizzlies, but there's much to ponder. Is Tony leaving? If so will it be a sign and trade deal? Not to mention the fact that Monta has not been the scorer that he use to be.
  4. P. K.

    2017 Salary Cap

    I would love to have CLee back over Gordon. While Gordon can score, he can't defend and he is prone to injuries which is not good after just taking Parson. Clee knows this team, can defend and can even be a scorer if needed. Bring back Clee!
  5. And No again and again
  6. P. K.

    Kevin Love To Move To Next Iteration Of Grizzlies?

    I would do the trade Z-Bo and Jeff for Love. Love is being overshadowed by Lebron and there's not enough basketballs to go around. Love can rebound (10.9) and shoot from deep as well. I still think one more trade might be need for another shooter off the bench.
  7. P. K.

    Roster Moves

    SAC does away with $21 mill after this season if they do that trade, and although they are 8th right now, they're not going anywhere. It gives them more cash to work with next season.
  8. I will the first to agree that we need a good shot in the arm of youth but we also need experience. The champs last year had three players on that team that proved that; Iguodala, Barbosa, and Livingston and yes I know that they are not Curry, Thompson, and Green. The Spurs have won with a team of experienced players. Both have a mixture that help get the job done. Our four,if starting or coming off the bench, have value. If we can make a trade that truly enhances the team to move forward we should do it, but to mortgage the team on guys who are young is risky. You need both. When a player gets to a point where he can't effectively contribute, he needs to go.
  9. P. K.

    Roster Moves

    Rudy Gay at 12 mil for 3 yrs for Jeff and VC @ 13 mil. Would you do it? And no I'm not stuck on Rudy but he's a much better all around player than he was when he was here. 18pts per game 7 rebs and per is 16.6. Jeff's numbers are 10.9 pts 4.5 rebs and his per is 11.8.
  10. Missing on Hood was the choice we should have made but that's water under the bridge. What can we do right know to make the team better?
  11. If you're referring to what I wrote, read it again. I never compared our core to the Spurs Big 3, but it's their ability to hold on to what they have and yet become better without blowing up the team. I implied to let Tony and Zach finish their contracts which is only one more year; not forever.
  12. I agree with Wells on the 48-34 mark. We should finish 5th or 6th. I also agree with Iron Mike that we're due for a long win streak somewhere between 8 to 12 games.
  13. While I don't totally agree with KBM, I believe in the core four and what they bring to this team. Even off the bench Zach is a strong contributor, the "out of his funk" Tony Allen is now the one we've come to love, and Marc and Mike make the wheels go round. Should they stay forever, No. But it's the near $21,000,000 the team has tied up in Jeff, VC, Jam, Ennis, & Courtney that's the real issue for right now. Both Jalen Rose and Barry said the very same thing during the MLK game. To tear this team down would kill the fan base. We need to take a page out the Spurs book and learn to continue adding the right pieces without decimating the team. Lastly, the other problem to me seems to be Joerger. He's not the motivator to keep things rolling with passion and to get the most out of the players to win at all cost. We need a better coach. I hated it when Hollins left, but I was willing to roll with Joerger, but I think that experiment has ended. I had high hopes for Wallace because he wants to be here, so it seems, but it may be time to make that change as well. Also, it worries me that Pera is so silent. Where is he? So let Zach and Tony finish their contracts unless something wonderful that makes us much better comes along and moves us forward and not laterally. Resign Conley, extend Barnes and Chalmers.
  14. P. K.

    Tip Off Luncheon Table

    I would like to be at the third table if you still have space