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  1. Some reports are saying Porter could still go #2 to SAC, but I think there is a better chance that he will fall out of the top 5 and go all the way to CHI at #7.
  2. Isn't it strange that we have no interest at all in Bamba? Smokescreen?
  3. I hope you're right, Bagley would be a very nice pick at #4. Bagley or Doncic, I would be thrilled with either one.
  4. Plus there are other sources out there saying SAC will pick Doncic. I am not sure if SAC has made a decision on him already or they are leaning towards picking him and that could subject to change in the next couple days. Assuming Doncic goes #2, if ATL picks Young or JJJ that would leave us with Bagley. Now the question is will our FO pick Bagley? I think if Doncic is there at #4 they would certainly pick him, but not sure if they would do the same with Bagley at #4 or would they consider trading down.
  5. I hope that's not true. Hope SAC pick Bagley or Porter and leave us with Doncic.
  6. Grizball

    Trade Likely Coming for Draft

    Doncic is the number one guy on my board. Bagley is second. If Doncic or Bagley is there at #4, we'd better keep the pick. If both are gone, I would entertain trade down offer if the next guy we want would be there at that slot. I would love to trade up to get Doncic but I don't think we have any desirable asset to do so.
  7. I think the chance is better than 50% one of Doncic or Bagley will be available at #4. I have a feeling that if Doncic is there we will take him. I am not sure if the same can be said of Bagley. I am guessing that Wallace may prefer to draft a wing or guard and Doncic, Porter, Young or Knox would be our target.
  8. Doncic or Bagley at #4, you can't go wrong with either one there.
  9. Doncic or Bagley at #4, you can't go wrong with either one there.
  10. I ain’t buying Knox at 4 from Cam. I don’t doubt his source that MEM likes Knox but the rest is just his speculation. If I have to guess it’s going to be either Bagley or Doncic for us at #4. At #32 we gonna get Okogie, Simons or Mitchell if any of them falls to 2nd round.
  11. I would take the Porter risk at #4 than going the trade down route. And it’s possible that Porter could be there at #7 so CHI may not need to trade up if they target him.
  12. I think the Kings will take either Doncic or Bagley. Not sure what ATL will do, there are 3 to 4 guys they could pick there at 3. Yes, cos I am not confident on our FO and the guys they have a conviction for.
  13. He should not trade down or out, just stay put at #4 and draft the best player available.
  14. If CHI offers #7, #22 and Portis for #4, what does it tell you about Porter? Why do we still trade him? Especially the rumor is we would take Knox at 7 over maybe a Bamba, JJJ or Young which is not something I want them to do. I don’t want them to trade down, take one of Doncic, Bagley or Porter at #4 please!
  15. There is a rumor out there that SAC will take Doncic and ATL will take Young. Another rumor is if we take Porter we will trade him to CHI. These are just rumors but what I hope is if Bagley is there (Doncic is gone) we should take him. If both Doncic and Bagley are gone we should take Porter and keep him.