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  1. An Appeal To Grizz Fans Attending Games....

    Calathes is an NBA rookie. He will be ok. This year is going to be rough on him, but I believe he will be a quality backup in the future.
  2. What is exactly Q's problem?
  3. All Star GASOL

    Face it, if Chris Wallace would not have left Boston, they never would have won the championship (Wallace would not have traded Al Jefferson), and if he had never came here, the Laker would not have won the championship. Chris Wallace is one of the most powerful forces in NBA baskerball, today!
  4. All Star GASOL

    Let's give credit where credit is due. Chris Wallace has been the key to the last 2 NBA champions. First, he left Boston, enabling them to get to championship status. Then he gave Pau to the Lakers, helping LA reach that milestone!
  5. Nancy, you should have come to Russellville, yesterday. Corlis and Scotty had a celebrity bball tournament. got some stuff autographed I've had since the '94 basketball season.


  6. Signatures

    What's offensive to one person may not be offensive to another. So it's not so simple!!
  7. GAME: Can You ID These Grizz Fans?

    I didn't say it mattered, but at least those guys support the Grizzlies!
  8. The funny picture thread!

    Is it just me or does Jeff Foster look like Tim Curry from the Rocky Horror Picture Show?
  9. Nut Heads IV

    Sorry Socks, I shouldn't have ASSUMED!!
  10. Nut Heads IV

    I'm not a Nuthead, but I don't think Brett Favre should return for another season. Oh, and I think the Bears will win the Superbowl (Perhaps they should change it to the SocksBowl in honor of his birthday ) on Sunday.