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  1. Tracking Playoff Position

    So are most local politicians.
  2. Tracking Playoff Position

    Portland at New Orleans tonight. So assuming we take care of business against the Warriors, either we come out of the night tied with NOH (if POR wins), or we're only one game behind BOTH of them (if NOH wins). Looking good.
  3. what a call (back again)

    I just watched that one again and it was indeed a HORRIBLE call. Good hard block/foul from Shane, but there was nothing dirty, no trash talking, nothing. Pathetic.
  4. Tracking Playoff Position

    Excellent post, Sixth. Very well-researched and nicely presented. Good job (as always)!!!! P.S. Houston is starting to scare me.
  5. Tracking Playoff Position

    Yep, I'm sure glad we don't have to play Miami anytime soon! They're about to regroup and tear up everybody in their path. Oops.
  6. Lorenzen Wright

    Good article. Thanks for posting, Chip. But:
  7. Lorenzen Wright

    (Trying to pull this thread out of the gutter...) Hubie weighs in on Lorenzen:
  8. Lorenzen Wright

    Rest in peace, Ren. You were the heart and soul of BOTH of your hometown teams.
  9. New and improved!

    Oh, c'mon, Nancy... the admins of this board aren't sexist at all. I'm sure they'll let everybody know - not just the men!
  10. New and improved!

    Good find, Mayoly. I was wondering why that "Quote" button was below each post, when clicking the "Reply" button under a post automatically quotes it. So to reiterate, you can click the "Quote" button under multiple posts on a page, then click the "Reply" button at the bottom of the page, and all the posts you selected will be quoted. Nice feature. Chip will be beside himself with glee.
  11. New and improved!

    Mayoly, I think this is more of a design issue that we're just not used to. If you look at a page with a bunch of posts as a whole, the blue bar acts as a divider between posts, and there's an implied delineator between the top and bottom halfs of the blue bar. I added dotted lines here to show the implied delineator:
  12. New and improved!

    Ha! Good job, Slim, my first of the new boards!