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  1. Official draft strategy thread (one per person)

    That's one reason why I am holding out hope for Luka Doncic even though he is not my top guy. Although he IS built like PJ Tucker (but taller) so that might actually be a GOOD thing now. "Skills wise", Ayton is all O no D, Bagley is a combination of Ayton's stuff but not as long, Bamba can board/block/dunk, Sexton is a high-motor alpha scoring point guard/ball hog, and Porter can shoot/score/dunk -- or at least he could before he got hurt, and Mikal Bridges is a solid 3 and D guy who wins... As far as "skills" that's about it at the top of the board. Luka is a jack of all trades guy in Europe but with a pretty pretty good step back 3 pointer and he HAS produced and he HAS won. JJJ is a jack of all trades guy who hasn't really done a whole lot or won a whole lot. I think there is a difference between the two "jack of all trades" guy. One HAS done the stuff at a high level before, the other hasn't although he is perceived as having more "upside" than some other guys in this draft based on length and solid athleticism (I don't see ELITE athleticism from JJJ and he gets in foul trouble too much to see if he is a high motor guy or not. Not sure JJJ is an alpha guy). Luka would be an interesting pick at 4. I don't think CW gets fired for taking Luka at 4 -- I think CW COULD get fired for taking JJJ at 4. If I want stats, we all know who the top guys are. Although if I wanna WIN I am thinking of going with Bamba, Mikal, and Luka. With Mikal and Luka being two of the very few guys in this draft (cough Donte/Brunson/Spellman cough) who have ACTUALLY won anything. Maybe we are messing up in the draft in the lotto and we should be drafting more like we do in the 2nd round. I think we take guys in the 2nd based on Baseline/Perceived Upside AND SKILL SET. Whereas at the top we just focus on "Upside". "Busts" usually lack skill set, or the mental aspects, or, sometimes the fit is not right and/or they can't get playing time. If a player hasn't shown at least some basic aptitude at a particular skill by now, I wouldn't expect that player to do it once he hits the NBA. For instance, I am not gonna bank on anybody in this draft developing a refined sky hook. And, the only guy I would take in this draft for a "post-up game" would be Jalen Brunson. And, unless I am trading down AND I KNOW that JB Bickerstaff is the Mitchell Robinson whisperer then I ain't touching that guy -- even if he IS probably one of the more talented/skilled guys in the draft.
  2. Meat and a Potato Guy

    No divas in this draft.
  3. Meat and a Potato Guy

    I would even go with Andrew Harrison. He can do some of everything.
  4. I really want someone who wants to be here. Not much difference maybe among the top few picks. And some of these guys are acting like they are the next LeBron and gonna run they league. They aren't. And they won't.
  5. What About Bamba? Hey, I think that was a movie....
  6. Meat and a Potato Guy

    I like Sexton more than most. He's a high motor freak. He is as streaky as Trae Young but can get hot, too. I can see the Doncic thing... jack of all trades but he makes plays and can probably play a lot at the 4. JJJ: secondary big who is more of a Battier or Horry type than a guy who can get you 20 and 10 a night. Even so I would have him in the discussion if we traded down to 7. If Bamba, Mitch Rob, and RWIII can't play in today's league then I don't think a big should be taken in the lotto.
  7. Come on down, Bag Man!
  8. With The 32nd Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    The Admiral might be the guy KBM thinks Robert Williams III is. lol
  9. Meat and a Potato Guy

    I DID see that. Wish I hadn't. Should bode well for a perimeter guy who can play/win like Mikal Bridges or Donte Inferno. Somebody could win this draft just by cleaning up on second rounders. One reason I have no idea how to value Bagley. Wasn't good at defense in college, lacks length, and had only 1 block in his last 6 games and I think 1 steal in his last 5 games. Makes it harder to value Ayton. Then, JJJ COULD give you enough stuff, but why waste a top 5 pick on a dude like that when you can get a PJ Tucker type at 45-50.
  10. Meat and a Potato Guy

    I was discussing this earlier at lunch. Somebody talked me into Miles Bridges being a guy that we could possibly use. Oh yeah, somebody is gonna sign PJ Tucker to a max offer sheet and nobody is gonna blink. I am ALMOST sick of the NBA.
  11. Meat and a Potato Guy

    If we're doing Robert Williams III at 12 then I am doubling down and gonna go with Mitchell Robinson at 13. Odds are you hit on 1. You hit on BOTH and you could get to 3 NBA Finals. At 32 I am going with Jalen Brunson to feed the big men.
  12. I could roll with Porter. Injuries are sometimes a fluke. Heck, even Bamba and Bagley missed some time with injuries and I would have those two guys in the discussion for the 4th pick. Luka was also injured/fat for some of the season. If a guy is THAT good with NO FLAWS then he is going top 2. JJJ/Carter/Mikal/RWIII/Mitch Rob/Sexton/Trae Curry/Donte Inferno: all nice players, but I am trading down for those guys. I want to see a solid strategy for the 2nd round, too. I wouldn't count on any of our favorite/media's favorite/sexy "sleeper" picks being there... I wouldn't be afraid of trading down in the 2nd round or even buying an extra 2nd round pick.
  13. Meat and a Potato Guy

    If we trade the pick then I would take Mikal Bridges at 7. Would fit in at the 3 and can also play some 2. Good athlete with nice length who gives you that 3 and D skill set. He's also a winner. At 22, I think I want a big (if they are BPA). I would hope that Robert Williams III falls. I might take a look at Mitchell Robinson. Other than that, sign me on for Donte Inferno. With Mikal and Donte in the 1st round, then I am thinking of using my 32nd pick to trade down and pick up some extra 2nd rounders to go after versatile, athletic forwards/bigs who can defend. Sagaba Konate and Kostas Antetokounmpo would be a couple of players I would look at.
  14. Who will end up a bust in pro ball??

    Yeah, I think this Wiseman class COULD be the last of the 1 and Done's Era. Whatever. Still think bigs are being undervalued which is why some think it is WISEMAN OR BUST for Memphis. Same reason why every Grizz fan gets hot and bothered over AT LEAST one of these draft bigs: Ayton, Bagley, Bamba, JJJ (ok, maybe not JJJ), Carter, Moritz Wagner (ok, maybe just me), Robert Williams III (ditto, and KBM), Mitchell Robinson (ditto), and Sagaba Konate (mega dittos). I don't care about "Poor Man's Steph Curry" where Steph Curry is doing a good enough job as an imitation Steph Curry as it is. Nor, am I super-excited about Orwellian Durant aka Michael Porter, Jr. I can see Mikal -- if we decided to trade down. You could even talk me into Mikal at 4. Luka at 4? Sure, whatever. Even if he is closer to a J Will-Boris Diaw Marvel Action movie mash up anti-hero than the next Larry Bird. If we could trade down to 12/13 I would either load up on bigs (Mitch Rob and Robert Williams III), OR smalls (Collin Sexton and Donte Inferno). At 32 I am reversing strategies: or I go with a small forward. Other thoughts: I watched some old Gus Johnson highlights. I can talk myself into Robert Williams III (if we traded down). Gus along with Karl Malone were some of my comps for RWIII anyway. Finally, last night I was thinking of starting a James Wiseman Meta Thread for all you HS, college, and NBA junkies out there. I may end up going to more East High games than Grizz/Tigers games combined but whatever.
  15. This is a draft where you can talk yourself into Jerry West winning this thing for the LA Clippers at 12 and 13. IF we trade down I wanna get Mikal Bridges at 7, Mitchell Robinson at 22, and Donte Inferno at 32. Heck, you might even end up with the best small forward/wing, center, and scoring guard in the draft.