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  1. Yeah, who knows... Although I kinda think we are playing better without both (but we are really lacking depth inside). Can we add a couple more guys to the roster? I REALLY wanna win this thing!

    Markel Crawford

    Give the 2 ways to Kobi and DJ Stephens. Kobi has more experience and DJ fills a need. Although Kobi probably has more "trade value". Maybe we trade him for cash then sign Markel to the other 2 way deal. What I think I would do is feature Markel Crawford as the number one option on the Hustle then plan on giving him a 2 way contract next season after we clear out some clutter. Or even give him a 10 day contract later in the year to give him a chance to catch on as a 13th man for a potential playoff run. Between Kobi and Markel, Kobi has more "hype" but Markel is the better shooter -- so how much is the hype worth? Yeah, we might not settle this thing until pre-season. Although I would pick DJ Stephens over both.
  3. Were any better players picked after them? Both look like your average 5th bigs in a 3 1/2 big man rotation. Although Davis is better as a backup center than J Mart is as a backup power forward. I think JJJ gets some minutes at center, if so DD will be a solid/glorified 3rd string center. J Mart needs to show something. I don't think we can demote him but I would put him on a 2 way contract. I wouldn't mind just using a 3 big man rotation of Gasol, Jackson, and Jam with DJ Stephens getting some minutes at both forward spots. DD would then be our 3rd string center/5th big. J Mart might be the odd man out -- especially if Parsons/Casspi get minutes as stretch 4's. Rabb could ALSO be on the hot seat. I would probably flip either Rabb or J Mart for a 2019 mid-second round pick and cash. Rabbi didn't show a ton in summer league and I doubt he can play much small ball 5. I think we need to go big man shopping in the 2nd round of the 2019 draft (along with a Euro Stash guy).

    Vegas Summer League

    We have Marc for histrionics and Jackson for personality (and the shimmy). But we need a big man who scowls. Davis can work on the scowl. Like Cartwright or Parish or Mahorn. Or the Lainbeer ironic smirk. DD needs to watch tapes so he can be our legit third big psychological case study. Oh, and we need to find a rim running/rim protecting center in next seasons draft. I saw one site that showed us having two (late) 2nd rounders. Those kinds of bigs are gonna get picked super high due to guys like Mitch Rob but that's basically what we need. DD is closer to an ideal 3rd string center like a new era Greg Kite.

    Vegas Summer League

    Yeah. He has been something else! He averaged 4.0 blocks in the LV summer league which is a record. Hopefully JJJ can make a run at it after his 7 tonight. Jackson/Robinson might be one of the best big men matchups soon. A heavyweight fight! Man, I try not to think what a Jackson/Robinson twin towers would look like -- oh well. Jevon Carter has looked great the past 2 games. There were some other 2nd rounders doing well -- De'Anthony Melton put up good stats today. Crazy draft!

    Vegas Summer League

    And the team had 12 blocks. We had 13 last game. Our summer league team is starting to gel. Let's win the tourney. I love these guys!
  7. I am more in the camp of "get Marc enough rest so the wheels don't fall off". I wanna see JJJ at the 5 some, but not too much. Not gonna get hysterical about DD either way... keep him as the backup, bring in another backup center du juor (Nerlens Noel?), or draft one next year with a second rounder. Not that big of a deal to me. If bigger bigs like Ayton become a thing again, then I kinda want a guy like DD who has a bit of heft to him. He can be the next post-prime Bill Cartwright.

    There goes your Gasol-Conley-Evans core

    Yep. Grizz fans need to put up (and buy tickets) or shut up. You could probably say that about a lot of franchises, but we gotta do our job. Tigers football is solid now, but that doesn't really threaten the Grizzlies. Nor do the Redbirds or any other minor league team. Penny High NEEDS to get a couple of 5 stars soon. About to start a James Wiseman meta thread, but I think it is Wiseman Or Bust for Team Penny. Grizzlies are the top ticket in town -- where you can see all the mega stars of the world's greatest traveling circus. The Era of Tiger Basketball might be over... the NBA's 1980's golden age didn't really help the Houston Cougars (they went to a couple of Final Fours then slid). DePaul hit the skids after Mark Aguirre left the building and MJ showed up in Chi Town. Chris Mullin is gonna realize that the Knicks are bigger/better than St. John's especially now that Marvelous Mitchell Robinson is on the scene. With one and done over in two years, I think the NBA is gonna pound college basketball into the sand. Calipari will have to find a new business model and some new digs (The Knicks? The Lakers?), and the BLU BLUDZ are gonna take all the 4 star guys once all the 5 star players declare early for the NBA draft. Alas, the University of Memphis will get it's fair share of 3 star 6'3 "combo" guards.

    Vegas Summer League

    We can't go into the season without a backup for Marc. I would give JJJ some minutes there, but not a whole lot. Let's ride it out with DD and then go after a center in the second round of next year's draft (we DO have a pick don't we???). Although I can see rim running/rim protecting bigs and centers (even larger 4's) in general getting over-drafted. The smart money will probably be looking for perimeter role players. Heck, maybe even a scrappy point guard who can defend on one end and make an entry pass on the other. #daretodream

    Vegas Summer League

    I think Peak Small Ball ended the minute the Hawks traded for the draft rights to Trae Young. The league will now trend towards more size.
  11. Is Jaren a go? Anybody know?
  12. Yeah, we got blitzed in that game. Selden not being there didn't help either. JJJ and the rest of the gang looked gassed. I want to see JJJ and Co. bounce back. Jackson sat the last one out, hopefully he plays tonight. He needs to get his mojo back.
  13. Yeah, I kinda want to see a whole new batch of guys tonight. Hold auditions at a local YMCA, do a walk through, then hit the floor running at 5pm. Does ANYBODY run pick and roll in college? Are they doing The Weave at West Virginia?
  14. Apparently, EVERYBODY gets a shot at the trophy in the Las Vegas summer league. We play the Thunder at 5pm, haven't heard much about it (other than on here). Does anyone know if JJJ is playing? Are we packing it up? Hopefully everybody shows up and we play hard. You know the old saying, "ANYTHING can happen in summer league."

    There goes your Gasol-Conley-Evans core

    I am good if we make a run at the playoffs -- OR if we tank for Zion Williamson. Just don't want to lose a pick in the 9-12 range, which looks highly likely. Yes, attendance is lagging, at last year's early home wins against the Warriors and Rockets I don't think the place was much more than half full -- and lots of Bad Guys fans too. Lots of crying little kids at the end -- which was a nice touch. However, I don't see the Memphis Tigers basketball or football teams breaking any records next year either. If people only wanna buy tickets to watch a team win, well, they aren't true basketball fans. Technically, every basketball game has a WINNING TEAM. Appeal to basketball junkies and basketball lifers. Get them to buy in and buy tickets. Then they will eventually bring their friends to games since they have nothing else better to do. Have a plan to get to the top. It's about the journey not the destination.