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  1. How would you gameplan against the Celtics?
  2. Who's getting moved

    What about Gasol and Dillon for Gordon Hayward, Semi, Gabe Ruth, Thiess, 27, cash, and our pick back? Not even sure the Celt's would do it, but they are in WIN NOW mode. If ANY team can use the services of Marc Gasol right now it would be the Boston Celtics. They could do a legit twin towers thing with Gasol/Horford. DB looks like a PERFECT fit in Beantown. With Tatum and Brown on the wing, and Kyrie/Rozier/Smart in the back court they really don't have many minutes/shots for Hayward. 27 could be a great pick. Conley/Hayward could win us as many games next year as the Conley-Gasol tag team. Especially if Tyreke resigns. Solid perimeter rotation that could help us win some/keep the fans in suspense AND set us up better for the future.
  3. Who's getting moved

    We can't get jack back for the rest of the roster. CONGAS shouldn't be untradeable either. I mean, they SHOULD be untradeable (in a bad way) given their contracts but whatever. Dillon/Rabb look like keepers for the future. Good news is, it seems like they can pretty much play with anybody. With the way the league is going, Dillon can probably play either the 2 or the 3, with Rabb giving you quality minutes either at the 4 or the 5.
  4. Who's getting moved

    That's what it looks like... Pretty sure Bill Walton was coming off the bench for the '86 Celtics at Marc's current age. Speaking of which, I wonder how we can get our pick back from Boston....
  5. What about Graysen Allen from Duke

    Grayson Allen sounds like Donald Trump's favorite law firm.
  6. Who's getting moved

    Not that you build a team around a fringe rotation guy, but I wonder who would be the best big man to put next to Rabb? After all, we WILL be moving beyond Conley-Gasol at some point -- RIGHT?
  7. This draft looks more like 1986 than 1984 OR it IS the 1984 of NBA Drafts -- very Orwellian. That being said, if I had to give 5 guys who would most likely win a Finals MVP award at some point I would go with Bamba, Sexton, Mikal, Donte, and Luka. With Bamba and Mikal being the only two guys in that group who could even SNIFF the DPOY award. That's my five. Although I could see Mitchell Robinson being one of the top 3 guys in this draft. Of those 5 I would take Bamba at 4, trade down to 5 for Luka, and then go with Mikal/Sexton if we traded down to 7. If I wanted BOTH Donte and Mitchell Robinson I would trade with the Clips, but with our luck one or both of those guys won't even be there. Good omen on Mitchell Robinson: MITCH McDeere went to Western Kentucky. They shot The Firm in Memphis.
  8. Official draft strategy thread (one per person)

    That's one reason why I am holding out hope for Luka Doncic even though he is not my top guy. Although he IS built like PJ Tucker (but taller) so that might actually be a GOOD thing now. "Skills wise", Ayton is all O no D, Bagley is a combination of Ayton's stuff but not as long, Bamba can board/block/dunk, Sexton is a high-motor alpha scoring point guard/ball hog, and Porter can shoot/score/dunk -- or at least he could before he got hurt, and Mikal Bridges is a solid 3 and D guy who wins... As far as "skills" that's about it at the top of the board. Luka is a jack of all trades guy in Europe but with a pretty pretty good step back 3 pointer and he HAS produced and he HAS won. JJJ is a jack of all trades guy who hasn't really done a whole lot or won a whole lot. I think there is a difference between the two "jack of all trades" guy. One HAS done the stuff at a high level before, the other hasn't although he is perceived as having more "upside" than some other guys in this draft based on length and solid athleticism (I don't see ELITE athleticism from JJJ and he gets in foul trouble too much to see if he is a high motor guy or not. Not sure JJJ is an alpha guy). Luka would be an interesting pick at 4. I don't think CW gets fired for taking Luka at 4 -- I think CW COULD get fired for taking JJJ at 4. If I want stats, we all know who the top guys are. Although if I wanna WIN I am thinking of going with Bamba, Mikal, and Luka. With Mikal and Luka being two of the very few guys in this draft (cough Donte/Brunson/Spellman cough) who have ACTUALLY won anything. Maybe we are messing up in the draft in the lotto and we should be drafting more like we do in the 2nd round. I think we take guys in the 2nd based on Baseline/Perceived Upside AND SKILL SET. Whereas at the top we just focus on "Upside". "Busts" usually lack skill set, or the mental aspects, or, sometimes the fit is not right and/or they can't get playing time. If a player hasn't shown at least some basic aptitude at a particular skill by now, I wouldn't expect that player to do it once he hits the NBA. For instance, I am not gonna bank on anybody in this draft developing a refined sky hook. And, the only guy I would take in this draft for a "post-up game" would be Jalen Brunson. And, unless I am trading down AND I KNOW that JB Bickerstaff is the Mitchell Robinson whisperer then I ain't touching that guy -- even if he IS probably one of the more talented/skilled guys in the draft.
  9. Meat and a Potato Guy

    No divas in this draft.
  10. Meat and a Potato Guy

    I would even go with Andrew Harrison. He can do some of everything.
  11. I really want someone who wants to be here. Not much difference maybe among the top few picks. And some of these guys are acting like they are the next LeBron and gonna run they league. They aren't. And they won't.
  12. What About Bamba? Hey, I think that was a movie....
  13. Meat and a Potato Guy

    I like Sexton more than most. He's a high motor freak. He is as streaky as Trae Young but can get hot, too. I can see the Doncic thing... jack of all trades but he makes plays and can probably play a lot at the 4. JJJ: secondary big who is more of a Battier or Horry type than a guy who can get you 20 and 10 a night. Even so I would have him in the discussion if we traded down to 7. If Bamba, Mitch Rob, and RWIII can't play in today's league then I don't think a big should be taken in the lotto.
  14. With The 32nd Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    The Admiral might be the guy KBM thinks Robert Williams III is. lol