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    Overall FEF/Grizz Game experience

    So... at the Grizz-Nola game last night. The Good: Grammy Award winner Kirk Whalum on Sax for the Anthem. can't get much better than that!! The half time was entertaining. Tony Allen video was great! The unfortunately "expected": Early-third quarter, went to get some pizza on the plaza level. They ran out of pizza sauce...Really!?!? So no Pizza they said. So I went for plan B, so returning to my seats, I had to walk by the pizza place, They were serving pizzas!! I asked what happened to the "no pizza sauce" issue- they decided they could get some from The Bad: PA Announcer-- same issues. You just can't understand a lot of what he says. I'm very surprised that the Grizz Ops staff is allowing this to continue. Again, I had numerous people around me ask what he just said. I think that they need to swallow their pride on this one and plan for a change. Maybe let him be the G League announcer and fill in occasionally or something but he doesn't belong on this stage. Diction issues usually don't get better...
  2. Ugh... Harrison the 3rd best?? Uh, No. Admittedly, I am not a Harrison fan. he rarely makes those around him better which is not a good look for a Point Guard. You already mentioned his downside with his body language- you better be very good to offset that show of disgust. His low BB-IQ so far as a Grizz is problematic. The ball sticks in his hands on offense in regular sets-there is a reason that Fizz subbed mike in end of quarter situations because Harrison's decision making was so poor and he could rarely create a quality shot. I would have no problem with him finding a new home...
  3. tpt_man

    Overall FEF/Grizz Game experience

    Well, I'm pretty sure they knew that was going to be the case when they hung them or shortly thereafter and chose to sacrifice that revenue.... or... may be not...
  4. So...., the new season has begun. We're most of the way through the pre-season. I'd like to hear your opinions on things are as we start the new B-BALL season. I have been a season ticket holder since the Grizz arrived in Memphis as well as a UM Tiger Season ticket holder since the Pyramid as well. I have listed mine below to get things started. I know some of these things are subjective but I'm sure that as long as you have solutions as well, there may be something that FEF/Grizz can glean form these and improve the game experience for everyone... Things I like so far: New main scoreboard. NICE!! And...They finally added the individual stats for the players on the court. I assume that they will add team stats on the new corner video screens-if not, that WILL be a MAJOR Complaint. I'm assuming that they are working on that--right? New WiFi seems faster or at least more bandwidth. Time will tell after we get the large crowds in FEF General attitude of the Ushers, and ticket scanners seem to be good and engaging- as well as the jani. staff. Things I'm not sure about yet: Team Stats??? I hope they are going to show up soon on the new Video Boards in the corner Food and Beverage- I am hoping that this year they will make a turnaround here. It has never been very good, in fact, it has never been good. I am not sure why we lag behind so many other top level arenas in this area. Service has been generally bad in most of the areas. Items that are are supposed to be hot usually warm at best. When burgers or tenders are ready, fries are not or vice-a-versa. The Burger place out side of 109-110 is so slow, and when you finally get the food, it is not what you order. Condiments-either out, missing, now last year the salt and pepper disappeared, no bbq-sauce for tenders (In MEMPHIS!)... and the general attitude of the most of the counter people is not very customer service oriented. This has been a systemic problem over the years and is not really getting better. bath room (Men's) generally clean but the in game re-stocking of paper towels on the plaza level really fell off last year towards the end of the season. Dispensers either didn't work or were empty many of the times. The shorter security lady at the bottom garage plaza entrance to FEF doing screening (seemed to be a supervisor) I haven't seen. AND-I hope I don't. Very unpleasant and doesn't represent FEF well as far as people skills. Last season she was unnecessarily quite brusque, if not downright rude to people. I avoided whatever line she was doing because she was so distasteful because I thought I may just respond the wrong way to her. (Think TSA on a bad day.) Very condescending to people. Dislikes: New PA announcer. I thought maybe it was just me but many seated around me are saying the same thing----he is Awful. And I'm not just talking about what he is saying but the lack of diction and being able to understand him. It is woeful. I realize there is a learning curve but you can't usually change someone's ability to enunciate clearly. He doesn't appear to really know the game either. I see JPS is mentoring him but its the voice itself that is the issue....Please at least help the situation by re-EQing his mike but I am afraid that we are stuck with someone we can only understand about 50% of what he says (on a good night). For a top level professional organization this was a bad choice. I'm not sure what the deciding factors were for this selection but this really make the organization look bad (or cheap). Someone really missed the boat on this. Parking garage (Entrance) Besides acting like we are an interruption to their day by driving in, this has been a constant thorn. Especially when they decide to stand right at the entrance immediately near the street. Utter confusion reigns with those that don't have a pass etc... I don't blame the attendants for the people mistakenly pulling in as I guess we can't get signage to indicate to people whether this is the right entrance for them or even if they can park there or not. In any event, this is always a royal mess-especially during big games/events where I know FEF is trying to put its best foot forward. POST GAME Traffic Control : Why does this go so bad??? So many arenas do this better... DO we even have a plan? When leaving the games other arenas usually control the flow of both the pedestrians as well as the vehicles much better. Starting midway through the 4th Qtr-Everyone exiting the WEST exit of the garage should only be able to head WEST and everyone exiting the EAST exit- should only head EAST on Linden and Hernando Street should be blocked. They can then be funneled to parallel blocks and start diffusing the traffic a bit earlier. Also, at Danny Thomas BLVD there should be two lanes moving east and turning NORTH on DT BLVD; TWO heading East; and one turning right (South) on DT Blvd-- Cones would help as people don't seem to understand what the flow is supposed to be. Pedestrians-They should NOT allow pedestrians to exit and walk Linden, WEST next to the FEF across the lanes of people leaving the garage. They should be directed southward, across the street and then West. It is dangerous... and definitely slows the traffic out of FEF. They are crossing after the first east entrance as well as across the lanes of traffic exiting which is really dangerous. That would help tremendously. NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO STOP and wait to pick up people in the far right lane of Linden....