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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Now that the mystery of who is no.1 is over, Silver needs to throw us a bone and give us that 1st pick. But watch them give the cavs that pick and MEM no.2
  2. Are you all ready for our top pick to be a 4th option?

    On the surface this sounds good, but we know that's not gonna happen, especially if Marc is on the roster. And answer this, tell me the last top-10 pick that started off as a 4th option, then became a superstar, especially on a veteran team?
  3. "A healthy Mike, with Marc, Tyreke, WITH a high pick"- I've seen this a few times on this board, in social media, and even in a Mock Draft. No. No. No. I am not interested in seeing in our likely top-5 pick be a role player, or the "help" for these guys. Now, the pick may turn into a bust, a role player, or the first superstar this franchise has ever had. I wanna find out from Day 1 next year. I want to see the greatness and the growing pains, and how he handles them. Wallace has convinced the fans that this was an outlier season, and next year it'll be the "playoffs" again. If that's the mindset, they're not trusting a rook to get them back there. I'm not saying he has to come in and save the franchise, but I don't want to wait til year 3 to see if he can become the man.
  4. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    So we need all these scenarios to break our way, just to settle for a 7th seed and a first-round exit. Not worth it.
  5. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    No way he'd ever agree to this, nor should he.
  6. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    I'm not calling him elite after one year. Who's to say this season isn't an outlier in terms of health and production?
  7. 2018 trade deadline thread

    I wonder if the change of heart to trade Reke had anything to do with Marc saying they should keep him(even though he's been taking slick shots at him in his typical passive way all year). We all Marc has the organization by the balls.
  8. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    Wallace's incompetence has been going on before Pera took over, so I'm not tryna hear that he's not calling shots.
  9. 2018 trade deadline thread

    I said it when he was bought Wallace back as the GM 3 years ago, he will set the team back 5 years. He is the worst type of GM: Reactive, short-sighted, no negotiating skills, and scared to make big moves.
  10. 2018 trade deadline thread

    That's only if he doesn't get more than the full MLE($8.5 mil), That's a huge risk to take. It's not worth it.
  11. 2018 trade deadline thread

    What Leg up? There is no Bird Rights to fall back on. The only way they'll sign him this summer is if they bid against themselves, which they will do
  12. 2018 trade deadline thread

    The fact that they've sat Reke out for about a week, and still don't have a deal yet with an hour left shows just how dumb this F.O is. No dumber organization in the NBA
  13. 2018 trade deadline thread

    One of the silliest proposed trades I've ever seen. I don't even know what to say about this.
  14. Mike Conley done for season

    Lmao of all the players to criticize this year, Reke is somehow no.1 on some of ya's list. Just imagine how he would've been treated when GNG was in high gear smh.
  15. 2018 trade deadline thread

    18-19: $31.8M 10-20: $34.2M 20-21: $36.6M 21-22: $38.9M That's his contract for the next four years. They're not going anywhere with him. Sometimes you gotta know when to hit the reset button.