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  1. Fvck If a player wants to be here or not. Newsflash, Noone would rather be in Memphis than Chicago, LA, ETC. Draft Bpa. End of story
  2. Who's getting moved

    Deyonta at least needs to show me he cares enough to get his body optimal
  3. Who's getting moved

    A+ post whether true or not
  4. One of Porter, Doncic, or Bagley is going to fall to us. 4th is a great spot to be In
  5. Don't know if this has been posted or not, but it's an interesting read on Bagley vs aytons offensive potential
  6. Jack of all trades, master of none He's just not elite at anything really.
  7. JJJ actually looks like he can put the ball on the ground. I actually am warming up to him a lot. Here is a great (but very long) read about current playoff trends for bigs and how the big men of this draft fit into the new nba
  8. Trading the pick

    I like buckets
  9. Trading the pick

    I agree. Just a hypothetical
  10. Trading the pick

    They just selected fox. So maybe they are being stupid and looking at need instead of bpa
  11. Could we possibly work a pick swap next year as part of a trade? If we fall outside of the top 8 next year are we allowed to do the pick swap or would it automatically go to Boston even if who we swapped with was below 8?
  12. I'm actually warming up to Jackson