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  1. You're absolutely right. If he's healthy, Porter is the one! We may be in a unique position to take that risk too because it looks like he is not in position to be the top pick anymore in particular because of his injury. I hope the Grizz don't blow this by taking Luka or the JJJ guy who has "potential" but really did not perform all that well in college. It seems like a no-brainer. If Porter has no red flags in his medical report, pick him and don't look back! He should check off on all of CW's boxes, McDonald's All American, 5 star recruit, etc.
  2. Outside of Luka Doncik (whom I have no faith in at all), it looks like there are several potential break out stars the Grizzlies can pick from. Trae Young is likely going to be available, Mo Bamba looks like the real deal, if Bagley falls he's so good you can't pass on him, and this Michael Porter Jr. kid is a definite pick if the doctor's clear him. I'm liking the Grizzlies chances. I don't like Wallace making this pick BUT hopefully even he can't screw this one up. Besides, the rumors are that he didn't want Thabeet back in the day and that Heisley wanted to use #2 on him. Maybe Wallace isn't a complete fool.
  3. How Stupid Can A Franchise Be

    Bro, no way Ginobili is one of the best ever to do it in the NBA at shooting guard. He was a good international player who started on some of the Spurs celebrated championship teams, so he may make it in as a special case.
  4. How Stupid Can A Franchise Be

    Because he's the only player from Argentina to really do anything in the NBA. Look at his career stats, there's guys better than him, with rings who have no chance of making the Hall of Fame. That was the point though, former players that competed at a high level in college and pro are saying Luka's ceiling is closer to Ginobili. You don't waste a high pick on that.
  5. Use Michael Porter jr as bait

    A dumb fad??? Hasn't Lebron James been vegan for nearly a decade now? That sounds so old-school mane. Things have changed, its now common knowledge that an all-plant, non-processed food diet is superior. Heck gorillas, rhinos, and pretty much all of the strongest animals on the planet eat raw vegan food. Humans are designed the same way, we don't have sharp carnivorous teeth. You're crazy if you think that is a fad.
  6. How Stupid Can A Franchise Be

    We don't need to pick 1 or 2. If Wallace had that opportunity he would more than likely waste the selection on that Luka Donovic (however its spelled) kid. You don't waste a high draft pick on someone who will more than likely wind up being a Manu Ginobili type player. Hopefully someone else buys the hype and selects him before we get the opportunity. The Grizz need to select the best player available and if Bagley or Trae Young are still on the board, they need to pull that trigger. There is zero chance that Trae Young doesn't pan out. He averaged 28 points and 8 assist per game player in a major conference for an Oklahoma team that had no other players to take the pressure off of him. AND he did it as a freshman. Most mock drafts have him going 7th or 8th. Memphis needs a guy like that right now!
  7. Okay, now I see what's going on. The Grizzlies hired an assistant internally and have already set their sites on his replacement in 2 - 3 years with Chad Forcier. This has been their strategy for the last decade it seems. Hollins (a former assistant) gets them to the WCF and is fired for Joerger, who is let go, with the only difference being the hire of another team's assistant in Fizdale, who is then let go in favor of assistant coach JB. How do head coaches feel knowing their replacement is right there next to them on the bench?
  8. Is this hiring of JB a good thing? Was this just a way of saving money as usual?
  9. 2018 trade deadline thread

    All isn't lost. It looks like Tyreke is a buyout candidate. They may let him walk and join another team.
  10. Dude, been around since the team first came to Memphis and was drafting dudes named Bostjon Nachbar, lol. I wasn't on the board but I've been a fan the entire time. I hate seeing them lose.
  11. The Grizzlies suck so much I haven’t checked the board in weeks and doubt I’ll be checking it again anytime soon. I can’t watch games anymore. The fight (grit & grind) whatever you want to call it is gone. It’s no fun. They blow leads to the point where its predictable. I’ve officially checked out on the Grizzlies and Tigers until further notice. Too many bad decisions. They both need to put a better product on the court.
  12. Chris Vernon

    Exactly! Was that just conjecture put out to justify the firing?
  13. Chris Vernon

    Where did Vernon say that? I listened to the last three shows and heard nothing about this. Does anyone have a quote?
  14. Chris Vernon

    Kind of surprised that Chris Vernon kept it so real. Grind City Media is obviously just about promoting whatever message the front office wants to get out. Did he throw CW under the bus? I can't remember.