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    Welcome to Memphis JJJ!!!!

    His value will really be at center. When teams decide to go small or when Marc eventually leaves. I think he will ultimately be a 5 in today's NBA. He will work at the 4 here for the time being since we could literally go 5 out on offense (pending how our lineup looks after free agency). I just really hope we throw him out there from the jump and let him learn. Start him and let him learn. Hopefully, a JAM trade is coming soon.

    Welcome to Memphis JJJ!!!!

    Maybe I'm hoping for too much, but I really would like to see him develop some sort of go to move offensively. He's able to run off screens and shoot jumpers, he's pretty confident on the block but could be more. Defensively, you can see why some people made the young KG comparisons. However, KG's offensive game was on another level coming out of HS. Is it asking for too much for JJJ to develop a go to move (post spin jumper) similar to what KG had? He has the ability to rise over most defenders and get his shot off. I'm also excited to see how his off the dribble mechanics develop. Once defenders start closing out on him, he can cause a lot of problems creating off the dribble while driving to the rim. He's a guy that can be on the floor against small ball lineups and traditional lineups. Really excited to see his trajectory. If you tell me we have one of the best defensive/versatile bigs for the next 8-10 years, I'll take it.
  3. I've mentioned this before, but picking Wendell and playing him out of position at PF just doesn't seem like the best idea. He's a center. He's too slow to defend the perimeter and still struggles to defend the pick n roll. If you want him to utilized correctly, he's more than likely going to come off the bench behind Marc. I'm okay with the pick if we are utilizing him at C and he's basically Marc's replacement when he decides to opt out.
  4. If anyone wants to see Luka at 17 years old against NBA players (OKC Preseason game), go check @jakepaynting Twitter TL. He has a thread showing what his skillset brings to the table against a real NBA team.
  5. Saw Kurt Helin tweet Bagley is a "near lock" to Kings at 2. Don't know how resourceful he is, but if true, I think Doncic falls to 4. The only way he doesn't is if the Hawks trade out of 3.
  6. OJ Mayo was pretty confident too. I think I would be willing to take the risk on Porter at 4 if he actually had KD's measurements. If he really had that 7'4 / 7'5 wingspan, you're talking about a whole different prospect. Not to mention the handle. But, I guess if he had those things, he would've remained a top 2 prospect regardless if he missed the collegiate season or not.
  7. This. I think some people envision him as a scoring wing, which is really not what he's known for. This is why I think some really love the idea of him playing next to Conley. We've talked about how having another ball handler on the floor with Mike will expand his game. Doncic is that kinda player you want. Tyreke fit the mold, but he had more of a scorer's mentality moreso than looking to get others involved. Can he give you 20+ every now and then, sure. But, I think his value will be from his playmaking, making teammates better, etc. I think of the Harden comparisons without the alpha scoring mentality. Think a lot about how Harden was in OKC and how much better they were on the floor with him due to how he attracted defenses. That's kinda how I envision Doncic.
  8. Nobody said what he did wasn’t great. I just think the Steph comparisons are a little too much. You’re talking about the greatest shooter of our generation. It’s similar to people comparing MPJ to KD, when KD was a lot more dominant due to his ball handling ability and 7’5 wingspan. A player can be good without having to compare them to some of the greatest players of our generation. You’re leaving yourself with a lot of room for error. You can take a little away from those guys and say the prospects in the draft remind you of them. But, Steph was considered an elite shooter coming out of college regardless. Something Trae isn’t.
  9. That doesn’t mean Steph wasn’t the primary focus of teams trying to defend him in the tournament. He definitely got that attention then. This is why I said he’s better off focusing on his playmaking abilities. I believe in him more as a playmaker than becoming one of the best shooters in the game. You’re not Steph if you’re shooting 36% from 3 and almost sub .400 from the field. Dont forget abot the game Steph was double teamed the entire game. A team basically played 4 on 3 . Steph definitely got a ton of attention
  10. The Curry comparisons need to stop. I need to find the article (can’t really do it now on my phone), but it compared Steph’s college numbers vs Trae and how bad/inefficient Trae was against good defenses compared to steph. At the end of the day, you’re comparing a guy that was one of the best shooters in college and could score efficiently to an inefficient chucker. If you think Trae will be good, okay. But, that doesn’t mean he’s Steph Curry. It’s hard seeing him as a high level starter in the league considering how inefficient he is. But, I do think he will hold value in this league on the right team. Maybe he somehow becomes more efficient, but I think the Curry comparisons are lazy.
  11. On the Wiggins front, it’s mainly because he’s the same player scouts said he was in college. His weaknesses pretty much identify the same. From

    Vernon had an interesting thought in a tweet

    Vernon has been talking crazy lately. He also just said today that there's an extremely high percentage chance that the #4 pick is not better than Harrison Barnes. Extremely higher chance the #4 pick is not a starter and capable of a PER over 15?
  13. Stay far away from Wiggins. He's one of those "scorers" who just doesn't have the motor or feel for the game. Too inefficient and he's about to be in his 5th year although he's still young. Usually a star player will show some signs of consistency, but he has yet to show that. Please don't make that mistake Wallace.

    Trade Likely Coming for Draft

    My issue is that we've spent two years trying to get Parsons right. He had the surgery in Germany this summer and actually may have a shot at a productive Year 3. A trade down using Parsons will look more stupid if he ends up playing well on the other team and we bum out on the pick. Not to mention overpay another player. Its so many bad things that can happen with doing this. BTW, how much cap will we have if we traded Parsons without taking anything back? Checking out basketballinsiders, we would be at $78.6M cap wise. Add in Tyreke and Chalmers cap holds and that's an additional $5M or so. I'm assuming we would just withdraw from those cap holds. If the deal involved Portis, then add $2.4M to the roster. Its also hard for me to see a team like Chicago sacrificing their flexibility for Parsons to move up 3 spots. They are one of the few teams with flexibility this summer and they will sacrifice it? I have a feeling they would want to put Asik in that deal.