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  1. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Questions of being a superstar? Or questions of him being more of a safe pick? I feel like no way you slice it, Bagley is going to be a very good NBA player. I cannot tell you how high his ceiling is, but its hard to see him failing with the motor and skillset he has.
  2. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    He has motor issues lol. I think guys who checks out all 4 would be Bagley and Doncic. Athleticism may be somewhat questionable with Doncic, but he's barely grown into his body. He can definitely become a little more explosive once a NBA staff gets ahold of him.
  3. Was Firing Coach Fizsdale the Answer?

    With the direction this team is going, it would've been nice to have Fizdale around. I would love to see him be able to help mold our top draft pick. Maybe Bickerstaff can do it, but definitely not as confident honestly.
  4. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Been doing more and more research on the top prospects. I'm cooling on MPJ -- just think he's very stiff (although Tatum was similar). But, Tatum had a much better iso/post up game in comparison to Porter. Right now, I see Porter as a great shooter, can still be a great athlete once he fully recovers, but seems more of a straight line driver with the ball. I get the Harrison Barnes/Chandler Parsons mix vibe, which is a good player and can potentially be an all-star. But, just not 100% sure on him being a bonafide superstar. Bagley is definitely moving up for me. I think given his work ethic, at WORSE he's still an elite double-double threat and fringe all-star. But, I can definitely see the superstar in him. I see a guy like Bagley's skillset and how much better he will and can get. Scary You almost want to see the Grizz get pick #3 to prevent having a headache on which prospect to choose. Not even sure what I would do at #1 or even #2 at this point.
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Typical concerns with European wings. Already somewhat concerned with the change of pace, but he lacks lateral quickness and speed. I think that will limit him in ISO situations and of course defensively against more explosive players. Can he still be great with these limitations? Yes, but combine that with the lack of success of European wings in the NBA and I think you see highest bust potential based on where he's drafted. I'll hate to take him in the top 2 or 3. I would probably more okay outside of the top 3. Where I see upside in Doncic is his ability to operate effectively in the pick n roll. This is huge in today's game and something we need badly. I would feel pretty good if we brought back Tyreke, along with Conley and Doncic as playmakers. In that instance, I think Doncic would be great.
  6. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Back from hiatus. I've been lurking for a while, but now its crunch time for tanking. Based on how I think the Grizz will draft - Bagley, Doncic, MPJ, JJJ are probably the top prospects on their board. Highest bust potential being Doncic. I would like to see us focus more on a playmaker/scorer, so I would rather target Doncic/MPJ possibly before Bagley/JJJ. I just don't see Trae Young being any interest to us. I'm sure the team is still all in on Conley and probably Harrison as well with his recent play. Ayton is a possibility if we do in fact get the #1 pick. I'm not a big fan of drafting based on need, but that's the vibe I'm getting from the team. May be completely wrong, though.
  7. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Late to the conversation, but Trae Young's playmaking ability and leadership is on another level compared to where Steph was prior to Kerr coming on board. It took me a while to get on board, but I'm all in on Young if he's available when we pick.
  8. Grizz Rise in Power Rankings

    This is why I say don't play so much into what the media thinks. As soon as we feel like we deserve more respect, we drop a game like last night. Not that Charlotte is a bad team, but we were up 13+ in the game and ended up losing by 5. We still tied with the best record in the NBA, but I'm completely fine with the media not recognizing us as the best team in the NBA thus far.
  9. 3-2 i believe, but could definitely see 4-1 Clippers - W Lakers - L We will find a way to lose this game just basing it off prior seasons. We tend to have a let down on the West coast against bad teams. Portland - W Houston - W I just feel like we are a bad matchup for Houston especially without CP3. Beating them 3 times will be tough, but I think they may end up stealing our last matchup. Milwaukee - L Milwaukee is a bad matchup for us. I honestly do not expect anyone on our team to effectively guard Giannis. The team has a ton of length and I think we may struggle.
  10. Grizz Rise in Power Rankings

    I try not to get worked up over outsiders opinion. Most of them don't really have a good read on the team (Matt Moore being one of the few that actually does). The same guys we are looking at to list us at the top didn't even have us making the playoffs either. Also, things can change very quickly for our team as well. As long as we keep winning, the national media will take notice. It will actually feel worse if everyone starts jumping on the bandwagon and we go 1-4 in our next 5 games. So, let it all play out.
  11. Stat Check - Early Look at the Numbers

    That scary thing is that history shows its more likely not to. We all know players production falls off a cliff after rupturing their achilles. I was so shocked at how good he looked during preseason play. But, I wouldn't put money on him having an efficient season because of the long list of players who failed to do well the season after returning from that injury.
  12. Stat Check - Early Look at the Numbers

    If its not broke don't fix it is my approach with the bench. We are going to have to wait and see if Ben/Selden are the answer at SG before we start discussing moving some of our bench guys into the starting lineup. I'm a firm believer in Fizdale putting the right guys in when needed. Tyreke or Chalmers can just become the first subs off the bench to pair one of them with Conley early on in the 1Q. I honestly feel like Conley has been struggling more in game starts playing more off the ball. Part of that is due to Harrison's inability to make quicker decisions and be a threat offensively and I think some of it is due to familiarity.
  13. Stat Check - Early Look at the Numbers

    What Zbo did 6 years ago has nothing to do with his role over the last 2 or even 3 years with this team. Zbo was more so an inefficient post scorer who struggled defensively over the last 2-3 years. Yet, he was best utilized coming off the bench and being that scoring punch we needed. This is why Tyreke is comparable because his way of scoring the basketball isn't necessarily the most efficient way (unless he's able to keep up his spot %'s and finish around the rim at a higher %). You don't necessarily want a guy like Tyreke starting, but off the bench he's perfect. Same scenario with Zach. Don't try to compare what I said to who Zbo was 6 years ago. The comparison has nothing to do with that. If that's all you got out of that, I'll stop the conversation now.
  14. Stat Check - Early Look at the Numbers

    Tyreke really just had issues where his game didn't fit in certain offenses. He was better suited either off the bench as a 6th man or as the primary ball handler in the starting lineup. He will thrive more in a more spread offense, which is why he seems to be working out thus far. He does have a tendency to pound the ball a lot, but that just comes with how ball dominant he is. Like GTF mentioned, he's our guard version of Zbo. However, he's been better on the defensive end thus far. We never had a guy of his caliber on our team and its refreshing to have especially late in games when you want Conley to go into scoring mode. Considering he's playing for a new contract, we may see Tyreke have one of his better seasons as long as he stays healthy. One thing that's been helpful is that one of our wings tend to have a good game each night. Whether its Tyreke, Brooks, Ennis, Chalmers, etc. It would be nice to have a that consistent 3rd guy, which I'm still hoping can be Parsons. But, not going to put too much hope into it. Good look on the numbers GTF. I've been keeping track on them, but never thought to post.
  15. Memphis @ Dallas 10/25/17

    These are the type of games that will be the difference in you being a top 4-5 seed vs a 7-8 seed . Beat the teams you suppose to beat and those wins definitely add up at the end of the year.