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  1. Dallas @ Memphis 10/26/17

    Harrison wasn't even a good college player so him being terrible player against better competition in the NBA was the easiest to see coming. The fact that he's even in the NBA let alone starting is laughable.
  2. What?! You mean to tell me that a guy who doesn't produce big offensive numbers, terrible on defense, terrible rebounder for his size, has no elite skillset nor an all around game isn't a needle mover? Who knew?
  3. Draft And Free Agency '17

    Well our 2 current backup point guards are 2 low BBIQ wannabe scoring guards that don't have any scoring ability, aren't good at running a team, and wouldn't get rotation minutes on any other team outside of the Memphis Grizzlies so yeah I would easily take a 45 year old busted up Chalmers over these 2 scrubs.
  4. MEM Summer League Thread

    Yeah, both Harrison and Baldwin have alot of confidence. The problem is that neither have an ounce of talent nor a basketball IQ.
  5. Grizzlies Signed Tyreke Evans

    Well the Grizzlies needed a backup point guard and Tyreke is an upgrade over Andrew Harrison and Wade Baldwin a.k.a Jeremy Pargo 2.0 and Josh Selby 2.0, but then again who isn't. Didn't many options (Thanks to Chris Wallace himself).
  6. MEM Summer League Thread

    They wanted Toney Douglas and didn't want to cut Harrison or Baldwin. In other words, Chris Wallace sucks.
  7. Gasol to Celtics? Naw. Right?

    Pretty much. The Grizzlies backup point guard position is garbage and neither guy would get minutes on any other team. Even scrub teams like the Brooklyn Nets have better options. The Grizzlies don't have a single reliable wing player and don't have a single reliable backup big, their main options aren't strong enough to make up for this. Not good in a even stronger Western Conference.
  8. So if I'm getting this straight, the Spurs gave an injured Rudy a 2 year $17M contract and if healthy is an 18-20ppg scorer, but the Grizzlies gave an injured Chandler Parsons a 4 year 94M contract and if healthy is a 13-15ppg roleplayer who's a worse defender and rebounder than Rudy is. Yeah that sounds about right.
  9. The Grizzlies don't have a path to doing anything big thanks to Wallace's dumb moves like having our 1st round pick in limbo because of that dumb Jeff Green trade, giving 94M to a injured guy that puts up 2000-2006 Mike Miller numbers for his career, and drafting scrub after scrub after scrub. No assets to make trades + not enough cap space for big free agents = don't expect much to happen.
  10. Draft And Free Agency '17

    You mean to tell me that giving an injured non 1st, non 2nd, or non 3rd option level talent who can't guard or rebound a $94 million contract was a bad idea? You don't say. The Grizzlies years of horrible drafting hurts more than this Parsons signing though.
  11. Draft And Free Agency '17

    Ask Chris Wallace. He drafted Josh Selby who couldn't score at Kansas and traded into the draft to get Andrew Harrison who couldn't score at Kentucky.
  12. Can We Help The Cavs Get Butler?

    They wouldn't. There's no way they would trade away a borderline superstar for a injury prone guy who had a terrible season and has never in his career has been close to being as good as Jimmy Butler is right now.
  13. Roster Moves

    Considering that Troy Williams outplayed all of the Grizzlies rookies and 2nd year guys and that the person that they cut Williams for ended up getting cut, basically the Grizzlies cut Troy Williams for no reason at all.