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  1. Head Coach Thread

    I don't see the big issue with Hollins and the Nets. He didn't set the world on fire, but he got them to the playoffs in his first year, albeit with a losing record, but they haven't even sniffed the playoffs since his tenure. Prokhorov and King did a lousy job constructing their rosters especially as guys aged. They did well in the two seasons prior to Hollins, but the roster got progressively worse as Hollins had mostly old or vastly overrated talent to work with. You obviously have to have talent in this league to win. I'm not insinuating that a coach can carry garbage talent to a bunch of wins, but it takes both. Do you really think if Iavaroni were kept aboard for the rest of the 08-09 season, and the season after that the team would have suddenly bought in and played better? I think that's a stretch. Hollins came in and changed the culture. Changed the style of play. Taught the young guys how to get it done at the NBA level. That was sorely lacking from the previous coach. Hollins most certainly deserves credit for that. We were dead in the water when Iavaroni was let go.
  2. Thanks again for continuing the tradition of providing us with the best game threads out there. Your efforts are much appreciated!
  3. Head Coach Thread

    I would say the difference in Iavaroni and Hollins was quite noticeable to say the least. Iavaroni's team had zero structure. Hollins came in and changed the culture. It took several weeks, but the team did finish that season 7-5 in its last 12 games and even in the losses prior to that were much more competitive. I remember going back and forth with bgassassin that the team was looking much better and some wins were coming soon. I think coaching makes a much bigger difference than you give it credit for, but I certainly agree that almost any coach with half a brain can be successful with a talented group. The biggest thing with the Grizzlies is making sure that we have Hollins (a mentor/teacher) and not an Iavaroni while we're going through this period of developing young talent.
  4. Ping pong time.

    #1 pick. It's coming.
  5. For cash considerations.
  6. Oops! It has been fixed.
  7. Ping pong time.

    I'm afraid if Wallace is still GM we'll manage to screw the pick up anyway.
  8. After 8 years, the inverted standings watch has returned! For the youngins on here that do not remember, back in the area of 2007-2009, we kept track of the "inverted standings", meaning that we rank teams from worst to best record, as opposed to the standard best to worst. You're about to get a glimpse of how we used to roll back in the day of 20 win seasons. Right now, the Grizzlies have the 4th worst record in the NBA. Until further notice, this thread will be in full effect! Updated as of 12/29/2017 - coming up on 2018! TEAM---------------RECORD--------GAMES BACK Atlanta----------------25-9-------------------0.0 Dallas-----------------25-11-----------------1.0 Memphis------------24-11-----------------1.5 Orlando--------------24-12-----------------2.0 LA Lakers----------22-11------------------2.5 Phoenix-------------23-13------------------3.0 Charlotte-----------22-12------------------3.0 Brooklyn------------22-12------------------3.0 Sacramento------22-12------------------3.0 I've added the Lakers and Nets, and subtracted the Bulls. The way they're looking right now, they're going to leave the inverted standings in the rearview mirror. There's a lot of clutter towards the top of the inverted standings. Many teams within 3 games of the lead. Memphis though is closer now than they have been yet, as a result of the Hawks winning two games in a row. Brooklyn has lost three straight. Keep on losing, Brooklyn. That just means a higher pick that we will have in next year's draft when we trade Gasol for your pick from Cleveland. Atlanta has Toronto tonight. Dallas has New Orleans tonight. And Memphis has Golden State tomorrow night.
  9. 2019 NBA DRAFT

  10. Parsons Out for Rest of Season

    I gave Wallace and company the benefit of the doubt initially, assuming that they did their homework and were assured that Parsons could sustain his health and production. That clearly wasn't the case, though.
  11. 2019 NBA DRAFT

    Yeah, if Mike and Marc are both healthy this team is at worst a 35-38 game winner.
  12. Pera to retain Grizz ownership

    None of this will matter if Chris Wallace is the GM on draft night. The time has come.
  13. Parsons Out for Rest of Season

    I wasn't crazy about the Parsons signing at the time, but understood the Grizzlies doing it. But man, did it ever blow up in our faces.
  14. Grizz Game Removed from ESPN

    I think that's what he was implying.
  15. I certainly respect your inside knowledge and know that you wouldn't fabricate information so I'll definitely give credence to what you're saying. However I still maintain that Gasol/Wallace are the two biggest problems with the Grizzlies right now and I think that it drove Fizdale over the edge. The Grizzlies are still big culprits in this situation regardless of whether or not Fiz wanted out. I certainly don't believe you can go from what he said/how he coached in the playoffs, to the red hot start to the season, to suddenly he just didn't want to be in Memphis anymore. There were some driving factors involved.
  16. The team wanted to go in a different direction. The team hires a coach that reflects that new direction. They knew what they were getting into when they hired him. So Fizdale does pretty much exactly what he said he would do when he arrived. At the first sign of trouble, the team bails out on him and scapegoats him when they endorsed the direction that he wanted to go. But somehow Fizdale is the culprit? The only thing you could say Fizdale did wrong was alienate Gasol. But what coach ever got along with Gasol towards the end? The outpour of support after he got fired from most of the players, along with many other players across the league, should tell you everything you need to know. If you really want to know the biggest problems with the Grizzlies, look no further than Wallace and Gasol. Until these two are gone, the Grizzlies aren't going anywhere.
  17. Memphis @ San Antonio 03/05/18

    Keep grinding on them L's!
  18. Grizzlies on FBI/NCAA List

    So much truth.
  19. Marc Gasol "Frustrated" over Season

    I'm just ready to see a Memphis Grizzlies team that doesn't have a Gasol brother on the roster.
  20. Inverted Standings Watch

    Had a nice little break. Now back to business: Tonight's action - Knicks @ Magic Nets @ Hornets 76ers @ Bulls Thunder @ Kings Grizzlies are 1.5 games away from the league's worst record.
  21. First of all, I was never one that said Tyreke put up empty stats. I was in the camp saying that he was producing. The biggest issue that I have with the way things are going is how the organization seems to be flip flopping on their vision for the team. They come out and say that we're sitting Tyreke to try to trade him by the deadline. To me, that seems to suggest that they actually have gauged the trade market for him and felt like they had a few deals on the table. When none of those deals came to fruition, now they expect all of us to believe that oh Tyreke is in our long term plans and we're all for using the MLE on him this summer. Which is it? If the Grizzlies do not re-sign him this summer, then what the hell is he even playing for right now? THAT's my biggest point of contention. Just go ahead and buy him out and be done with it. Let him move on. I fear however that this is a face saving expedition on the part of the Grizzlies. If the Grizzlies had ANY INTENTION of keeping Tyreke long term, then like Dwash said, why are they trying to ship him off for a late 1st rounder? If the Grizzlies do plan on re-signing him this summer (after trying to trade him a few days ago, ugh) then whatever. That's fine. But I'm sick and tired of the lack of vision for this team. Figure out what direction you want to go in, and which players you want, and go with it. My biggest fear is that Tyreke is nowhere in the long term plans of the Grizzlies. And that's what makes him still being on this roster and getting minutes so egregious. No matter which way you slice it though, the course of action that the Grizzlies have taken makes them look like an absolute clown franchise.
  22. Textbook example of what engaging in hyperbole looks like. Kudos. In this broken down season that you can gain absolutely nothing, besides the best chance at a top pick, I don't understand why the Grizzlies would jeopardize its ability to do just that. Lets not forget that before last night, in the past 8 games that Tyreke has played the Grizzlies are 6-2 with him putting up 18/6/5. So while the Grizzlies aren't on pace to win at a .858 clip, which would rival the Bulls and Warriors all time records they clearly aren't one of the few worst teams in the NBA. Grizzlies are also 9-6 in the last 15 games Tyreke has played in before last night. Assuming even a .500 record the rest of the way, The Grizzlies would be looking at 30+ wins. Hello, 10th pick in the draft. Good luck finding a game changer there. And yes, I know every team has a chance to get the #1 pick, but not giving yourself the best odds is a big mistake.
  23. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    Nice to know that we officially have Chip's replacement as President of the Sunshine Patrol.
  24. Fire Chris Wallace NOW

    But again, the Grizzlies decided to sit Tyreke a week before the deadline and publicly acknowledged that they were going to try dealing him before the deadline. Did they not gauge the trade value of Tyreke prior to doing that? It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.
  25. 2018 trade deadline thread

    The way I remember it, Heisley wanted Thabeet (through whatever advice he was given), Wallace wanted Tyreke, Hollins wanted Steph. It's been a while though. My memory could be a little foggy. I just remember that draft absolutely ruining my beach vacation that year.