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  1. lions

    Predict WIns for Next Season

    you are 100 percent right about his stats. one problem the words WHEN HE DID PLAY.
  2. lions

    My bold predictions thread

    seattle super grizzlies will be our answer to have 2or more super stars on there team
  3. lions

    My bold predictions thread

    your right but some teams have 2or more key players on there roster
  4. lions

    My bold predictions thread

    after winning only 20 games due mostly to mike conley missing most of the year ,I can see the grizzlies improving the most with mike back. but the west is so strong I canot see the grizzlies in the play-off next year
  5. lions

    My bold predictions thread

    conley will miss around 20 games . Harrison is a good role player . the grizzlies should win around 35 41 games the west is a beast , the rockets should win the division they have 2 super star players
  6. lions

    My bold predictions thread

    I hope your right about every thing you said. I really do. I feel I have better odds of winning the lottery then every thing you said. but I hoping your right.
  7. lions

    Predict WIns for Next Season

    I think the grizzlies will have a good team . one problem, the west got much better then last year , I can see 4 teams winning over 50 games . G.S, Houston, lakers, okc
  8. lions

    Predict WIns for Next Season

  9. lions

    NBA Game Today: Team World vs. Team Africa

    Great game rudy gay . the grizzlies had to get rid of him
  10. lions

    Grizz Finally Get A Jersey Sponsor

    jersey always look good because the players are in great shape
  11. lions

    Parsons Out for Rest of '17-'18 Season

    like I said I don,t blame parson at all I blame the grizzlies front office for this mess
  12. lions

    Vegas Summer League

    how about the the number 1 pick
  13. may be we will be the next 2004 Detroit pistons
  14. i.m talking about a Jordan, james bird type of player
  15. lions

    Jarrell Martin to Orlando

    every one of those player are out of the league after martin is let go the next 1/2 years