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  1. JWill4L

    Jarrell Martin to Orlando

    Dunno if stretching Johnson is necessary. After signing Mack we'll be 500k under the tax.
  2. It's called social security. We're fine with it, don't worry.
  3. Not free agency related but massive applause for Marc. Full story (in spanish, I'm afraid): https://elpais.com/internacional/2018/07/17/actualidad/1531851820_806537.html?id_externo_rsoc=TW_CM
  4. Doesn't matter how he feels tbh. He's gonna be an RFA at the end of his two year contract, so Grizzlies are in charge of the situation
  5. Like the signing and like the line of thinking. Doesn't seem like a Wallace move at all. I don't know if Spurs will match due to the trade kicker. Smart move from the FO there. btw, for those of you who are concerned about the lack of scoring. I'm sure FO and coaching staff are hoping Dillon has a breakout season. Something like 16ppg. If Conley is healthy and Marc can still be effective (I think he can) we're gonna be fine.
  6. JWill4L

    Grizzlies sign Omri Casspi

    And of these 2.2M, only 1.5 counts against the cap. The league reimburses the difference between his salary (one year deal for the vet min, around 2.2) and the vet-min for a two-year veteran.
  7. JWill4L

    The 2018 Free Agents

    If you trade Jam you have to get back the same amount of salary (more or less) that Jam is earning right now.
  8. JWill4L

    Roster Moves

    Kinda weird, I thought he was getting the axe at training camp, but whatever
  9. Porter Jr is falling like a lot
  10. Porter is falling to the end of the lottery, per Woj.
  11. Dude, if this is true I'm outta here
  12. Kinda odd Woj has put every player name right behind every team name but the Grizzlies, right?
  13. Givony and Lowe said last night that Divac doesn't like Doncic. Kings gonna Kings again?
  14. Stay away from this kid plz